Grilled Avocado Salad

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Grilled avocado salad only requires the right ingredients and a little bit of know-how. Make grilled avocado salad with help from a passionate avocado expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brenda Cusick, the Avocado Diva, and today we're going to make a man type food. We're going to grill some avocados and yes you can actually cook avocados. So guys, if you want to impress a girl and make her like a really yummy appetizer and act like you know what you're doing. This is a good little appetizer to make. We're going to get some tiny avocados. If you go to the grocery store or the farmer's market, sometimes they have really little avocados and sometimes they can be very inexpensive like ten for a dollar and these make great appetizers because all we're going to do is cut them in half and we're going to oil them up a little bit and put some barbecue sauce on them and put them on the grill. So first let's figure out how to choose a good avocado. You want to get an avocado that is, depending on if you're going to ripen it at home or not, nice and hard and if you are ready to use it we want one that is kind of soft to the touch and a good way to tell if it's soft enough is to use your own hand and pinch right here between your thumb and the palm of your hand and that's about the texture you want your avocado to be. So this one feels pretty good and you always want to pick an avocado that has the little belly button on top, the stem and one thing you can do is take it off and look inside and if you can see it's a bright green, that means it's not over-ripe, it's probably perfect to use. So to slice an avocado, you start at the top and go with your knife until you hit the pit and turn it all the way around and then twist it in half and when it twists easily that's another sign that it's ripe and ready to use and then I like this handy dandy little tool that you can use to get the pit out but since you're talking about manly man things, this is the old fashioned man kind of a way. You just whack that pit and turn it, come on, and it should come out. Apparently I'm not manly enough so I'll just use my tool and get it out that way. So now we have a nice little avocado. We are going to take some store-made barbecue sauce, your girlfriend doesn't need to know that, but if you want to spice it up you could put some Tabasco sauce or some garlic salt in it and just coat your avocado and heat up your grill nice and hot, even if you've just got one of those little Hibachi things, put some oil on the grill. The easiest way to do that is to take a paper towel, soak it in a little bit of oil and use some tongs or just your hand if you are a big macho guy, get some oil on that grill and then just plop these babies right on there, for about two or three minutes and then you're carefully going to take some tongs and turn it over and you're going to cook the bottom of the avocado also and the way you'll be able to tell if it's cooking or not is the avocado will actually kind of change color as the oil cooks and the top is easier to see if it's cooking, the bottom you can kind of see but you've got to watch the skin. All together it's just about six minutes on the grill, three, four minutes on each side. So when they come off the grill, they'll kind of look like this. Don't move them around a lot. Sometimes we want to, you know, mess around with our food on the grill but if you just leave it there and carefully pick it up, you'll have these beautiful grill marks. Here's the thing that makes it super sexy for your girlfriend, put it in a martini glass and fill the little pit with some salsa and it's good if the salsa is room temperature when the avocado is hot and give her a spoon and let her eat away. It's creamy and delicious, it's spicy. She's going to think you're amazing. I'm Brenda Cusick, the Avocado Diva.


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