How to Use Free Weights While Riding an Exercise Bike

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Using free weights while riding an exercise bike is a great way to work out a number of different parts of your body at once. Use free weights while riding an exercise bike with help from a national fitness champion and registered dietitian in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chrisie Allemand, coming to you from BB3 Personal Training Center in Weston, Florida, and we were asked how do you use free weights while on an exercise bicycle. Well, I'm going to show you. You grab your free weights and you go ahead and hop on your bike set appropriately for your height if you were to use free weights on an exercise bicycle you would go ahead and pedal and lift like so. However, honestly, I don't recommend this exercise. It's a safety issue. You could lose your balance and you're at the gym to be better. If you hurt yourself, you're not going to get closer to your goal. So if you are wanting to train your upper body and you know get a bicycle workout at the same time, I recommend cycling, 30 seconds maximum effort, put it all you got. Hop off the bike, grab your free weights and then you're going to hit an arm circuit. You're going to go ten lateral raises for the shoulders. You're going to go ten bicep curls. Then go ahead and bend over flat back and hit some tricep kickbacks. So ten, ten and ten, no rest, hop back on this bike, maximum effort, 30 seconds, no rest, come right here and hit your arm circuit again. So we're going lateral raises for ten, bicep for ten, tricep kickbacks, for ten, no rest, hop back on, about 20 minutes of your cardio circuit and you've got a good workout in. I'm Chrisie Allemand. Thanks for watching.


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