Egg White Omelet With Turkey & Cheese Recipe

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There are few better ways to get the morning started out right than with an egg white omelet with turkey and cheese. Make an egg white omelet with turkey and cheese with help from the author of Your Resident Gourmet in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Chef Jennifer Booker, the owner of Your Resident Gourmet, and today I'm going to show you how to make an egg white omelet with turkey sausage and cheese. You'll need pan spray or oil, salt, fresh cracked black pepper, turkey sausage, cream or milk, farm fresh eggs, cheese of your choice and egg whites, and of course your omelet pan. First we'll make sure that we heat our pan and spray it with pan spray. Next, we'll crack an egg, and we only want the whites. Make sure you crack your eggs on a flat surface so that you don't introduce bacteria or shell into your egg. You can use your egg shell to separate your whites from your yokes. Next we'll add a little bit of salt, and fresh cracked black pepper. A bit of milk, or heavy cream, and we need to whisk this until it's nice and fluffy. Be sure to keep an eye on your saute pan. Alright. Once you've whisked your egg whites, you'll add it to your hot pan. I like to swirl my saute pan or my omelet pan around, just to kind of move the egg whites. At this point it's okay to add your turkey sausage. You can check your edges. And you can add your cheese. Today, I'm using a three pepper Colby jack. You could also use shredded Parmesan cheese, goat cheese or maybe even a little bit of cream cheese. Once your egg whites start to set, we're going to fold it. And we have the option of folding it in half, or folding it in thirds. Tip your pan, put your spatula under your eggs, and simply roll it over. And there you have an egg white omelet with turkey sausage and cheese.


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