How to Draw Interior Design Plans

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Drawing interior design plans can help save a lot of time and frustration later on when the actual work begins. Draw interior design plans with help from a lead designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erica Lugbill and I own Lugbill Designs, a residential interior design and remodeling firm in Chicago. Today, I'm going to be covering how to draw interior design plans. There are several programs online where you can type in the dimensions of your room and it will generate a model for you and you can rearrange your furniture. One of my favorite ways is just with simple graph paper, a triangle and a pen. Nothing beats the old tried and true way. Today, I'm going to be drawing out a 17 foot X 13 foot room and what I'm going to do to keep the scale readable or workable, I'm going to use one square for every six inches. So two squares would be one linear foot and then all you do is take your triangle, line it up, follow the lines and draw, pretty simple. Then do that all of the way around your paper and I have one already drawn up for us so you don't have to set here watching me draw slowly. Now as you can see I have two windows that I drew in here and then don't forget your door openings and your door swings too. So you can see how those are going to interact with the space and with the flow of the room. Then next what I do is trace out furniture onto the squares and cut it out real simple, look up the dimensions of the furniture that you own already or are considering buying and again just use the same ratio so the scale is the same of the furniture. And so I already have a sofa drawn up here, a coffee table, two chairs, a side table and then another really small side table. So I see already with the two windows, the most natural way to lay this out is with the sofa over here and then you can play with your chairs, move everything around until you are happy with it. The great thing about this is there is no erasing, it's all movable and you can try out several different furniture layouts without having to redo the whole thing and start over. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have found these tips helpful. To see more of my work, go to


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