DIY Digital Canvas Wall Art

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Digital canvas wall art is something you can create right at home using the right computer program and a little bit of imagination. Learn about do it yourself digital canvas wall art with help from a computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey what's up? My name is Chase, and today I'm going to show you how to do some do-it-yourself canvas artwork in Photoshop. First we're going to start by just opening up a picture. I'm going to open up a photo of my friend. I'm going to file, open. Open up my friend dot jpeg file right here. And now I'm just going to resize it by going to image, image size. And I'm going to make it larger, you know larger enough to you know fit as a real piece of artwork on my wall in my house. So let's say 24 by 36. That's a pretty large photo but you know. I'm going to click "okay" after I've adjusted the width. Zoom out a little bit so you can see the full image. And now what we are going to do is is we're going to apply a filter over that background layer that's going to give an effect that it's a canvas. And to do that we're going to click on filter, filter gallery. Let that box pop up and then you will load. And it's going to open up several different menus. There's artistic, brush, stroke, distort, sketch, stylize. We are going to click on texture which is already opened here. And we're going to click on texturize which is going to give us a canvas type texture to your photo. If I just zoom out you can see that the photo has some lines over it. If you want to zoom in a little further you can see more detail of the actual canvas lines that are there. You can adjust the scaling and the relief of the lines by just dragging these bars over here. It spreads them out. It makes the line more staggered and dark when you adjust the relief. Let's click, "okay." It applied the filter over our picture, you can zoom in and see that right there. All around the background, her, everything. It's the entire filter has applied the entire image. So that's pretty much it, it's a pretty simple way to just apply a filter to you know a piece of artwork you may already have or an image so that way you can have some do-it-yourself artwork you can hang on your own walls. That's about it. Thanks for watching. My name is Chase, and today I showed you how to create do-it-yourself canvas art in Photoshop. Thanks for watching.


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