How to Convert Pictures Into Cell Phone Format

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Cell phones may not be able to read all types of digital image files. Convert pictures into a cell phone format with help from a computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, what's up? My name is Chase, and today I'm going to show you how to convert pictures into a cell phone format. It's pretty simple. Most cell phones these days can handle images with JPEG as their extension which is a pretty easy thing to convert a photo to. Actually I'm going to show you here in Photoshop. I've got a TIF file open actually and I'm going to save this as a JPEG so it can go onto my cell phone by clicking on "file, save as." I'm going to name this friend and in the format dialog box that we click, it's going to open up and we're going to have all these different options for ways to save. I'm just going to select "JPEG." It's a really, really simple extension that cell phones are able to understand. Pretty much every cell phone nowadays can read that and then I'm going to hit "save". I'm going to maximize the quality like I do with everyone of my photos and the format option I'm going to change to "baseline standard" and I'm going to hit "okay," and now you can see that it's changed from girl.tif to friend.jpeg and what you'll do from here is just load that to your device, your iPod or your cell phone the next time that you sync your device. My name is Chase, and today I showed you how to convert images to a cell phone format. Thanks for watching.


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