How to Change the Color of a Transparent Overlay in PS

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Just because an overlay is transparent doesn't mean you don't have to specify a color. Change the color of a transparent overlay in Adobe Photoshop with help from a computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey there, what's up? My name's Chase, and today I'm going to show you how to change the color of a transparent overlay in Photoshop. First, I'm just going to start with my image here, just a picture of my friend and we're going to create a duplicate of the background layer by clicking and dragging the background down to the new layer button. It's going to pop a little background copy layer up above our original background and then we're going to double click in this open space over here in the blue to get the style menu to come up. On the left hand side are all of our different options and we're going to make sure that we check "color overlay," and right now we have a color overlay of red. You can change that color very simply by just clicking on the red box and selecting a new color. I'm going to go with a blue color and to make it transparent we're going to change the opacity which is this bar right down here. Currently it is at 100 percent fill and we're going to lower the opacity gradually. You can see that our original background image is starting to peep through that copy which has the blue opacity layer over it, more and more we go down or you can crank it all the way up. You can see the difference. I'm going to leave it at about 30 percent, not too much, it allows you to see the blue a little bit and then we're going to click "okay." Once we have that color, we can change the color simply by just double clicking on the color overlay and selecting a different color by clicking on the color box, selecting a new color. This time it's green, hit "okay," select "okay," and that's it, you can flatten the image after that by going to "layer, flatten image," and you'll have a nice green transparent overlay over your photo. So, that's just about it. My name is Chase, and I showed you how to create a transparent overlay and change the color in Photoshop. Thanks for watching.


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