Grilled Lamb Chops With Red Wine

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Grilling lamb chops with red wine can really add a lovely, zesty taste to your meal. Make grilled lamb chops with red wine with help from a chef and restaurateur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to Tesoro, Chef A.J. Black, executive chef and owner of Il Tesoro Restaurant, and we are making lamb chops el vino rosso, red wine lamp chops. The lamb chops, I would like to season it. I have a little bit of a seasoning here. I use it as basically like a gramalote which is an Italian seasoning. It has like a little bit of shallots, rosemary and I give it a little bit of rubs of the gramalote and basically give it a little salt and black pepper. I like to give my lamb a little bit of color and I'm going to give it just basically a little bit of reduced balsamic. It's balsamico, that's very typical in all Italy basically and we're going to have it on the grill. That's the way it looks before it goes on the grill. We're going to have to grill it to give it a little bit of flavor and then we'll finish it in the oven. So we are going to make the sauce itself for the lamb right now and we're going to start it with shallots, garlic and I'm going to add something today to a little twist of sherries, it's a very Summery red wine sauce and that's what will make the red wine sauce a bit more attractive. So I'm going to also do something with a little bit of olive oil here. I'm going to start back again getting a hot bin and shallots and we'll check on the lamb basically, I'm going to actually finish it a little bit in here, spectacular. I love that the sherry is dispersed like so, by the time I have finished, the sherry does not exist. It exists in the flavor only and like you see, it will give it that color that you want right away and I'm going to give it red wine and the red wine, plenty of red wine. Okay, lamb chop el vino rosso with of course, lamb chop red wine with sherries and of course over a little bit of heart and love. Thank you for coming to Tesoro. Buon Appetito.


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