How to Baby-Proof Your House

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Baby-proofing your house means removing any and all potential dangers from the premises. Find out how to baby-proof your house with help from a family case worker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina Gavenda at, and today we're going to talk about how to baby proof your house. Baby proofing your house is a really important way to keep your child safe, especially once they get mobile. Sometimes when we get busy, it's difficult to remember that through the clutter there are dangerous things that your children can find, that can suffocate them, or that they can choke on or that they can cut themselves on. So, as you go through your day, just remember to pick up after yourself, and that will cut down on a lot of your baby proofing time. There are things like, dirty baby cloths that end up on the floor sometimes, and those can be hazardous to their health. Things like pieces of food, that can be a choking hazard, that are really easy to get on the floor while you're cooking. And then, your child can just crawl through, or walk through and find these items. And think that they're something that they can chew on, and that can be really dangerous. There are little things that you can put on door handles, to make it so that they can't open up the door with their little hands. There are also attachments that you can put on all of your cabinets. So that they can't open it up and find dangerous things like chemicals or knives. These also helpful and really important for keeping your children. Because one they discover that they can put things in your plug-ins, it's all downhill from there. Remember to get down on their level, and look with their eyes. Everything is new and interesting and potentially dangerous, especially furniture. Making sure that it's anchored to the wall, outlets and drawers, making sure everything is as secure as possible. Because you never know what could happen when you turn your back. Thanks so much for watching, my name is Christina Gavenda, and that's how you baby proof your house.


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