The Things to Say When Quitting Your Job

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Quitting your job is a situation that requires you to proceed with a certain amount of caution. Learn about the things you need to say when quitting your job with help from an innovative empowerment speaker and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Hello, I'm Charles Galbreath. I'm a workforce empowerment speaker and human resource professional. Today, I wanna share with you some tips for quitting a job. What do you say when you have that unfortunate situation of having to quit a job. This can be a very emotional situation for you. When we decide to quit a job, it's usually because the job no longer fits with who we are. Maybe it's we don't get along with the coworker, or we are not getting along with the supervisor, or the job components are no longer a match for who we are or the skills that we offer. No matter your situation, it's very important that you remain professional all the way to the end. It's very important that you remain respectful, that you remain very tactful, and that the things that you say are only things that can be helpful to the future of the corporation and helpful to you as you move forward in your life. Some things you wanna say. You want to first of all, share some of the things that you enjoyed about the job that you had and some of the things that you might miss, or some of the things that were very important to you as an employee there. The second thing that you wanna do is you wanna offer some constructive tips for your supervisor in possibly better supervising. Things that maybe didn't work out, or things that maybe were difficult between you and that supervisor. Next you want to offer some suggestions that have to do with the mission. If there's something that you believe that can help out this organization that would have made your time there more effective, or made your work quality higher, it's very important that you share that. Many organizations will have what you call an exit interview. So you're exit interview is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your grievances, but also to share your joys that you had while employed there. Again, it's very important to remain professional and respectful during the situation. Good luck as you may be quitting a job, have a wonderful day.


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