How to Dress for a Client Coordinator Interview

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Client coordinator interviews always require you to pay very close attention to how you choose to dress. Dress for a client coordinator interview with help from a business communication coach and trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Di-Anne Di Re, your public communication coach and trainer. Today, I'm going to teach you how to dress for a client coordinator interview. First, dress to reflect the company. When you're a special events coordinator, appearances count. The biggest part of the job is creating events that show off the company in the best light possible. Everything has to be perfect in order to have a successful event. So, if you want a job in the field, then you have to convince the hiring manager that you are organized, sophisticated and detail-oriented. One way to do that in an interview is through your wardrobe. You might not think it matters, but the hiring manager will play close attention to how you present yourself. They'll want to make sure you are professional and have the ability to represent the company well. To decide on a interview outfit, consider the company. If the special events coordinator position is at a conservative company, then dressing conservatively for the job interview is essential. For women, conservative interview attire includes a suit with pants or skirt, and a simple black heels and shoes. In the other hand, if the company is more relaxed or prides itself on its hipness, then you're allowed a little bit more leeway with your wardrobe. For example, you can't miss with a black pencil skirt, colorful cardigan sweater, belt, hose and heels. Just make sure that the pieces are in line with the latest trends. You want to show that you're keeping up with the latest news and fashion and design, and important part of a special events coordinator's job. For men, always goes with a professionally tailored suit and colors like maybe black, grey or brown. However, don't just pull out your suit from 10 years ago. Consider purchasing a new higher-end or designer suit. You'll look cutting edge, and the hiring manager will definitely notice. Make sure you wear dress shoes and be sure they shine. Second, pay attention to your personal appearance. Make sure your hair is in a professional yet fashionable style. Show that you're serious about the position and are savvy enough to pay attention to the details. All attributes of the job. Women can never go wrong with a simple updo that pulls your hair away from your face. This gives off the air of professionalism, while showing that you care about your appearance. If you're unsure of a good style, consider scheduling an appointment with your hair stylist the morning of your job interview to ensure that your hair looks the best. For men, get a cut a few days to a week before the interview. This ensures that you'll have a neat appearance. Women's makeup should also be low key and neutral. Stick to light colors when it comes to your blush, eye shadow and lipstick. I would suggest not to use heavy perfume or cologne on an interview day. Some people have allergies to certain fragrances. Try to only bring one briefcase or bag with you to an interview. Having several bags looks sloppy and you want to show that you are organized. Consider investing in a black leather or synthetic leather briefcase that can hold copies of your resume, business cards, a notebook, a pen and or keys. Anything other than is necessary for the interview you don't want to have to put in there. Also, bring along some gum, breath mints or spray to use before your interview. Remember, the details count. Once again, I'm Di-Anne De Re, your public communication coach and trainer. Thanks for watching.


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