How to Install New Themes on Google Chrome

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Installing new themes in Google Chrome is a great way to really personalize your browsing experience. Install new themes on Google Chrome with help from a director and producer of media content in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, my name is Anders, and today we're going to talk about installing new themes on Google Chrome. Now I've just opened Google Chrome and I have a new tab open here and I'm going to go to the Chrome webstore. If you don't see the icon here, you can simply type in Chrome webstore in your URL, hit return, and click on the first result. So we're going to click on Chrome webstore. That's going to open up the store and if you scroll down on the left side of this page, you're going to see themes. So we're going to click on the theme's link and that's going to open up a brand new page with a lot of different exciting themes. Here's our firey horse theme, raindrops, Lamborghini. There's many different themes to choose from. So let's choose one that we like, mouse over it, as you can see I just had to put my mouse over it and it shows me the option of choosing this theme. I'm going to choose the dark horizon theme. So click choose theme and then it will confirm and ask me if I want to add this to Google Chrome. So I'm going to click add. So on the top of the box it says or lets me know that Google has installed the theme dark horizon onto Google Chrome. Now we can just exit out of that box or click undo if we didn't want to do that. Then click on your wrench icon in the upper right hand corner, go down to tools and then click on extensions. Now here we can change many different settings or extension installations and we're going to click on settings. Now under settings we can check our appearance and this is another location we can either get themes or reset to default theme. Now we're going to get our themes. It will bring us back to the same page we were at and we can easily choose another theme as opposed to the dark horizon one. Let's choose one that's a little bit more in your face so we can see the change. I'm going to click choose theme once again within our theme's page. It's going to ask me if I'd like to install it which I do, I'll click add and then it's going to download it, add it to Chrome and let me know that it installed it. Now notice the edges of my Google Chrome box. I was able to install the theme and now it looks like I have clouds around the outside of my Google Chrome box. I can click new tab, and this is where we really see this theme take effect. My name is Anders, and today we talked about adding themes to Google Chrome.


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