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One of the most important qualities that any soccer player needs is a high endurance. Learn about soccer endurance exercises with help from a pro track and field sprinter in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Benedict. I'm a strength and conditioning coach and a performance enhancement specialist. Today we're gonna be talking about endurance on the soccer field and how to build it up. Besides your long lunge that help you greatly with your base work and your sprint work, perhaps doing a 100 meter sprints and jogging back, there's also a couple of other drills that can help you overall in your season and your upcoming training. So, let's start with a couple ball drills. We're gonna start with some toe touches first. These are timed reps. Again, you can start off with perhaps maybe 30 seconds and progress to 45, 55 and so on. So basically your toe touches will help you out with ball technique and keeping light on your feet. So we're gonna alternate feet with the ball of your foot touching and coming back and off, and alternating feet. Here we go. Good. And those are your ball touches. Again, do those for timed reps in sets of anywhere from four to five, depending on your fitness level and build from there. Second, we're gonna go into what we call speed skaters, and we're gonna do them right over the ball. Everything's gonna be implemented with the ball, use the same props that you would for your specific sport. So basically, we're gonna start on one leg, explode off this leg, drive up over the ball, and land and explode back up off onto the other side. So here we go. We'll do about five reps of these. Good. And those are your speed skaters. They help you out with core stability, balance and explosion. Last thing we're gonna do is gonna be high knee holds. So you're gonna do a running position, and every five reps, you're gonna hold in the high knee position, keeping your core nice and tight, flexing those hip flexors and glutes, and driving those knees straight up. So let's try these. Start from this position, alternate legs. And those are your high knee holds. Add those in with your traditional conditioning, and you're ready to go for your upcoming season. Follow me over at, and on Twitter over Benedict_Steven. And remember, the best results you can get is to train like an athlete, train with an athlete.


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