Recipe for Penne Pasta With Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese & Chicken

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You don't have to go out to fancy restaurant to enjoy Penne pasta with tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken. Get the recipe for Penne pasta with tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken with help from a longtime restaurant industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Marsha Orosco. I'm the executive chef from The Dome Restaurant Bar and Lounge here in Coral Gables. Today I'm going to be showing you how to prepare penne pasta with grape tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and grilled chicken. So the first thing that I've done, I've assembled all of my ingredients here. I have my penne pasta that is actually getting warm in some heated water. I have some chicken that I grilled in advance because I needed to cut it to add it to the pasta. We have some grape tomatoes that I've cut in half. And obviously I have my Parmesan cheese. And as always, salt, pepper, and I have some fresh parsley over here that I'm going to be using to garnish. So the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to grab the penne over here, and obviously I have a little bit of olive oil that's been heating up in this pan. So you just want to be careful when you're incorporating anything that's going to be a little wet into a hot pan, it is going to sizzle a little bit. But the important thing is to make sure that you keep it away from you so you don't burn yourself. So, I am going to start seasoning my pasta with a little bit of salt and black pepper. The next thing that I am going to do is I'm going to add my chicken, which, as I said, I prepared in advance to save time. The chicken was seasoned with salt, pepper, a little bit of garlic, and oregano for some flavor. And I'm just making sure that this is incorporating and mixing very well. The next thing I'm going to do is add my grape tomatoes. Grape tomatoes, especially in the summertime, I just find that they have a really good flavor, depending on how ripe they are. They can actually be a little sweet which is why I enjoy using them with pasta. Okay, doesn't that look like it is coming together really, really well. So now we're going to plate and I'm just going to take some of the pasta and what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make sure I put as much of the chicken and the tomatoes towards the top. Because I like to see my proteins and garnishes on top. And I'm just going to keep spooning this into this bowl over here. Doesn't that look fabulous? And I'm just going to garnish with a little bit more fresh parsley. And I'm going to finish by sprinkling just a touch more of Parmesan cheese on there. Doesn't that look amazing? I really am hungry now. My name is Marsha Orosco from The Dome Restaurant Bar and Lounge, thank you for joining me, see you next time.


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