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Whether you're participating in an interview or are giving one, you're going to want to pay very close attention to how you dress. Find out about interview style choices with help from a beauty and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, everybody. I'm Kelley West, and I'm at my favorite L.A.'s boutique called Polkadots & Moonbeams. Now one of the questions that you sent me was what is the right choice for an interview situation and I've put together four really fantastic looks that honestly, if you're looking for a job you need all four of these in your closet. My favorite, actually one of my favorites is the one that I'm wearing, so cute. This is what Wendy, the owner of Polkadots & Moonbeams would call accidentally sexy. So it shows your figure but it's still conservative, a nice dark color, this is a really great choice. Another one that I love is this gorgeous little black dress, I mean hello can you, Audrey Hepburn, right? Beautiful, accentuates the waist with the cute little belt. I love the cut of this. It's a great outfit for again that girl that's like me, slightly curvy it makes you look skinny but very very professional. Now, this look I'm obsessed with, how cute is this? This is a little knit dress by Milly the designer Milly who does great knits and what I love about this is that you know, it's conservative up top with the solid but then look how cute this detail is down on the bottom, adorable, right? You could do this with cute little black heels or if you want to sort of funk it up maybe your interview is a little bit edgier, do it with the high black boot, that would be cute too. Now look at this, this I love. How fabulous is this? All of these colors, that beautiful print, but again conservative and also showing off the figure without being over the top. So my last look and this is an essential, every girl needs the perfect little work jacket and this one in this cute green, look at that color, I'm obsessed with it. And the great thing about it is look the detail on this as I untie this jacket, or as a mysterious hand from behind the curtain comes out to help me untie the jacket, look how cute, the dress is underneath, right? Adorable, this is the perfect interview get it girl and go out and get that job. Now to go along with your perfect professional interview look, you really have to make sure you have the perfect professional look which includes your makeup. So I want to quickly tell you what I think is essential for interviews. You know the right concealer is so important, just a little light underneath the eyes and then you know, if you have a little flaw, maybe a little pimple, maybe a little brown spot, make sure you cover that with your concealer first and then do a very light sheer foundation. This is one of my favorites because too much makeup is just too much makeup. It's going to make you look a little bit scary so we don't want that. If you are slightly oily, keep in mind in an interview situation, your nerves are going to be going, you might start to sweat a little bit. So even if you don't typically use powder, it might be a good idea for the interview to put a little light foundation powder on just to control the sweating of the face. Now, here's a big mistake a lot of girls make, too much blush and the streak. What I like to do even though this color looks a bit intense, it's actually much lighter on and just dab it right on the apples of the cheeks. It's going to give you a nice pop and if you're a little bit older and you're trying to be more competitive in that interview situation, that very light pink makes you look younger. Now another option if you're a little darker complected, maybe something more in the apricot family for blush, good choice, again keep it right on the apples of the cheeks, no more of this 1980s streak up the side of the face. That looks so crazy. Here's another little tip for interviews, maybe if you're a little bit tired the day of the interview, maybe you were out too late the night before, get yourself one of these white eyeliners and line the insides of your eyes. It makes the white of your eye look better, it makes the color of your eye pop and it gives you sort of an instant refreshed I just woke up and I'm very energetic type of look and then when your lipstick, when we're talking about lipstick, again keep it nude, keep it light, don't do crazy bright red lips. It's great at night if you have a hot date, not what you want in an interview situation, a nice nude color is really your best option. For your mascara, black, black, black and I'll tell you why. You don't want to do heavy eyeliner on the day of the interview, that can be too harsh but a very dark mascara will really again, make your eyes pop, make you look energized and interested and that's what every employer wants. And then for eyeshadow, I would say keep it really natural, maybe a very light color on the lid. If you do a little highlighting, a little bit darker for that but again, not too much. Too much is just too much. We don't want that potential interviewer thinking that you know you're a wild girl out every night. We want you to look like the professional girl who is really going to work their hardest and get that job done. And then lastly, most important, for any situation when you are doing makeup, you want to have the right brushes. It's so funny that people invest all this money in makeup and they don't buy the right brushes, application is so so important. So those are my tips for the perfect interview. You're going to look great and I know you're going to get the job.


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