How to Make Money Selling Term Insurance

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Making money selling term insurance takes a certain degree of marketing skill. Make money selling term insurance with help from the managing partner at an insurance organization in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mitchell Smith, Managing Partner of Universal Insurance Services and Universal Partners. Today, we're going to discuss how to make money selling term insurance. Selling life insurance, whether term insurance or other forms of insurance take some marketing skill. One, you got to understand what you're selling and understand who you're selling it to. Typically, you want to understand the reasons people are buying insurance and, and there's really two basic reasons; psychological or financial. Financial meaning that they have a particular problem they're trying to fix. They have an estate problem or they have some sort of hedging strategy against an investment portfolio or something like that and it can be temporary. So, term insurance would work in that situation. So, you may want to look at that if it's a business owner, individual and see if they have a temporary issue they need some insurance for, whether it's protecting a pension plan or it's a buy-sell agreement that they have partners in a business or something like that. You want to look at different ideas like the Internet, maybe using different protocols on the Internet to help you get in front of more people or email campaigns. But, it is a transactional sale. Now, on the other side of why people buy, psychological. Sometimes people just want life insurance for their family. It's not necessarily financial, but they want to leave something. They want to leave a legacy. So go ask them when you're talking to an individual. What do they want to do for their family, their school, whoever it maybe? I'm sure they want to do something. No one wants to be left behind in a sense or forgotten. Insurance is an interesting way to be remembered. Thanks for watching today's discussion on how to make money selling term insurance.


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