How to Make Bread Starting With Raw, Whole Grains

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Certain types of bread require you to start with raw whole grains as a primary ingredient. Make bread starting with raw whole grains with help from an accomplished cook book author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Vicki Chelf, and I'm the author of Vicki's Vegan Kitchen, and I'm gonna show you how to make bread from freshly ground wheat. So, cup and a half of warm water. And you don't want the water to be hot. If it's too hot, it will kill the yeast. And, you take a package of yeast, and dry active yeast, the yeast, don't use nutritional yeast or brewer's yeast or anything like that, but dry active yeast. And, you're gonna use a little bit of sweetener, and it can be any kind of sweetener. I don't use honey when I cook anything, because I don't think it's the best thing to cook with, but this is coconut sugar, so I'm gonna put about a tablespoon of coconut sugar in the bowl of the water, and I'm gonna put the yeast. The yeast needs the sugar to grow. And so we're gonna mix them together. And I'm gonna add a little bit of salt, doesn't need a lot of salt, maybe a teaspoon or less. You could even make bread without salt, if you so deem restricted, but, we're more used to a bread with the flavor of salt in it. And, I'm also going to put now some what's called vital wheat gluten. Now don't panic, gluten is simply wheat protein, and you don't have to put it, but most breads that we buy have the addition of a little wheat gluten, and this does make a lighter, better tasting bread. And like I said, it's simply wheat protein, and use it or don't as you like. And, gonna mix it up. And, I'm gonna show you how to grind the flour, and one thing I like to do is just grind it right into the bowl while I'm stirring, and it just sort of makes it easier. And I've ground up some because I know that's noisy, just for the sake of demonstration, and we're going to just put some of this freshly ground flour in the bowl. And the wheat I used is a hard winter wheat. So you see how the dough is coming away from the bowl? It's not, it's not sticking to the sides, it's forming a mass. So, that means it's starting to get enough flour to start kneading it. So we're gonna just keep adding flour until it gets to be a nice little lump, and then we're gonna turn it out into the counter top with some more flour. And we're going to knead it. It takes probably about five minutes to knead one loaf of bread nicely. So when you have it well kneaded, you can put it right back into the bowl that you mixed it up in, you don't have to dirty another bowl. So after you put it in the bowl, all you have to do is put a damp towel on top of the bowl, keep it from drying out, and set it in a warm place to rise for about 45 minutes or 1 hour. And it's doubled now in bulk. And so what we want to do is take this bread and this is quite gratifying, take our fist and, they call that punch it down. So now I'm gonna take it out of the bowl, onto the counter, so just roll it up, and then we're gonna pinch it together on the seam, we're gonna poke in the edges. So we're gonna take it and we're gonna roll it in the flax seeds. Get them all over. Some of them are gonna fall off when you slice the bread, but, some will remain, and your bread wont stick. It's gonna look pretty. And I'm gonna put the side with the most flax on the bottom. Put it in the loaf pan. Now we're gonna let it rise again for another hour before we bake it. Okay, now the bread goes into the oven. Put it on the middle rack. Okay our bread has baked about 45 minutes, it's nice and brown. You can smell it when it's done, it just smells done. And we're gonna take it out of the oven. I've gotta admit, I've made prettier breads, but this is gonna taste good. Gonna just turn it out of the pan. See it was worth it preparing the pan nicely. And like I said, some of the seeds are gonna fall off, but some are gonna stay on. And, you know, who can resist fresh bread out of the oven.


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