Cream of Chicken Soup Substitutes for Vegetarians

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A wide variety of cream of chicken soup substitutes are great for vegetarians everywhere. Learn about cream of chicken soup substitutes for vegetarians with help from an accomplished cook book author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Vicki Chelf, and I'm the author of Vicki's Vegan Kitchen. And I'm going to show you how to make a mock chicken soup. So I've got 2 cups of water, and I'm going to put onions, we're just going to put everything in the water basically,e except the mushrooms we're going to put a little later. So onions, about 4 stalks of celery we'll put in here. A cup and a half or so, a couple of carrots that we sliced. And we're just going to put it on the stove, bring it to a boil and let it cook until it's tender. Okay now while the vegetables are cooking I'm going to add a teaspoon of turmeric, just because I can. And turmeric gives you all sorts of immune system boosting anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients. So we're just going to cook it until the vegetables are almost tender and then we're going to add the shiitake mushrooms. But in the meantime I'm going to make what's going to make it creamy. Now what is going to make this soup creamy is some millet. So I'm going to take 1/3 cup of millet, raw millet. Put it in a blender. So I'm going to add 2 cups of soy milk. Make sure it's an unsweetened soy milk. You don't want it vanilla, you don't want it sweet. You could maybe use almond milk but I prefer soy because I think the flavor's better for this particular recipe. And you're getting a lot more protein with the soy milk. Soy we have to blend this for a long time. It's going to make some noise, maybe about 3 minutes because we want it to be perfectly creamy. Okay now that the carrots and celery are almost cooked we're going to add the shiitake mushrooms. They cook a lot faster so we'll put them in closer to the end. It's at a nice simmer. And I'm going to add some sage because sage is rather "chickeny" I believe. Someone who hasn't had chicken 39 years, I remember sage as being sort of chicken like. And throw it in the pot, cover it up, turn it back on and we're just going to simmer it for a few more minutes before we add the rest of the ingredients. And I'll add 2 of these vegetable bouillon cubes. Just throw it in the pot. It should just dissolve. I'm going to stir it up to make it dissolve faster. The mushrooms are cooked now and I'm going to add some frozen peas. Stir it up again. Those bouillon cubes dissolve pretty instantly. And we're going to add our millet soy cream. I'm going to take some of the broth from the soup and ladle it into a little bowl with the miso. And that way I can dissolve the miso and miso is very good for you because of its pro-biotic quality. And because of all the enzymes in it, but you don't want to cook it. You add it at the end of cooking. But if you add it just out of the jar you're going to have a blob. It's not going to mix up so you just want to stir it and mix it up with some of the broth to dissolve it. And then we'll add it back to the soup at the end. But we're going to add the cream next. Our millet soy cream. So I'm going to pour this millet soy cream into the pan. Turn it back on, bring it up to a bowl while stirring, and it's going to thicken into this really luscious cream. And then we can add the miso. So we're just going to stir. There. Nice creamy consistency. I'm going to take it off the heat, add the miso, mix it up again. And voila, vegan cream of chicken soup


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