Mushroom & Leek Vegetarian Gravy

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Mushroom and leek vegetarian gravy makes the perfect addition to a wide variety of different meals. Make mushroom and leek vegetarian gravy with help from an accomplished cook book author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Vicki Chelf and I'm the author of "Vicki's Vegan Kitchen." I'm going to show you how to make a delicious leek and mushroom gravy. If you've never used leeks before, they're a great vegetable. They don't freeze. If you have a garden in the North, you can have leeks out in the snow and go pick them in the snow and actually bring them into the house and use them. But the problem with leeks is they do have sand inside all the way through. So you've got to know how to clean the leek. So I'm going to show you, you cut off the bottom and then you make a slit all the way through and when you open it up, see how dirty it is? So you have to take it, the cut open leek and just rinse it out really well before you chop it. After the leeks are chopped, I'm going to do sort of an oil or a stir fry kind of technique to cook them because we're going to have oil in the rue and I don't like to make it too high fat. So we're going to take a quarter cup of water, put it in a pan with two tablespoons Tamari soy sauce and a tablespoon balsamic vinegar, turn it up to high, I've got the balsamic and now we're going to add the leeks. We will cover the pan and just let it cook until the leeks are tender. Now the leeks take longer to cook. They're going to cook for about five, maybe ten minutes until they are nice and tender and then you want to add the mushrooms because they cook very quickly. So we're just going to put the mushrooms on top, put the lid on and I'm going to make the rue. Now we're going to take two tablespoons of olive oil and heat it in a small skillet. Over high heat, we need to turn on the stove for that and we're going to make a rue. So we are just going to brown. We're going to cook this oil and flour. This is a whole wheat pastry flour by the way. Pastry flour is a low gluten flour made from soft spring wheat and if you are, if you have Celiac Disease and are avoiding wheat, you can use probably a millet flour would work or if you are just avoiding wheat, a barley flour would work for this. But we're going to cook it until the flour and oil mixture starts to smell. It's going to darken a little bit and it's going to give off a nice nutty aroma. We can add the sauteed leeks and mushrooms and like I said earlier, we sauteed them without oil, so a water saute with some balsamic and Tamari. We're going to add them to the rue, mix it up, turn it down a little bit and then we're going to add some water and add that water sort of gradually and it's going to thicken as it cooks. We don't need any salt because we added the Tamari but I would like to finish it off with a little bit of white pepper. Can you tell how it's getting thicker? There we go. Some parsley on top would also be nice.


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