Vegetarian Miso, Tofu, Spinach Noodle Recipe

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Making vegetarian miso, tofu, and spinach noodles are easy, so long as you have access to the right ingredients and the perfect recipe. Make vegetarian miso, tofu and spinach noodles with help from an accomplished cook book author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Vicki Chelf and I'm the author of "Vicki's Vegan Kitchen," and I'm going to show you how to make a delicious dish out of whole wheat pasta and spinach and silken tofu. It's very creamy. It's got some miso in it and it tastes like a really rich calorie laden dish and it's not. It's light and it's very quick to make. So let's get going. First thing we're going to do is put some water on to boil, I've already done that for the pasta and I want to say I use a whole wheat pasta but the one I always get is an Italian one. I love the local foods movement but I haven't found an American pasta that is really nice and fresh like the Italian ones. But you can use any kind of pasta for this. The whole wheat pastas cook a little longer. They take a little longer like maybe ten minutes to cook. So we're going to put the water on, get that going and then I'm going to cook the spinach and to cook the spinach we're going to start with sauteing an onion, just a chopped onion and I'm going to put it in a pan, heat it and we're going to put a little olive oil, just about a tablespoon, you don't need a lot, put it on high until it starts to sizzle then we'll turn it down to a simmer. Okay now we're going to blend the silken tofu and I'm gong to blend it with a little miso. Miso will, even though this is a quick dish, it's going to give it some nice enzymes and good probiotics that are so healthy for you as well as give it a nice flavor. So we're going to have two or three tablespoons of miso, we'll do three. If you're on a sodium restricted diet, you know, keep it to a minimum because it does have a lot of sodium. So here's our miso and our tofu and we're just going to blend it in the blender and you'd be surprised at how good this actually is. You just blend this until it's smooth and creamy and there are no lumps left and we're going to set this aside. I see that the water has started to boil and we're going to throw the pasta in and we're going to cook the pasta, leave the lid a little bit ajar and turn it down slightly so it doesn't boil over and we put the onion in to saute and I see it's pretty nicely sauteed and we're just going to add the spinach. Okay it doesn't take long for the spinach to cook so I'm just going to take it off of here and show you how to add the sauce. Now I added about a teaspoon of herb de provence. You could add basil or anything you want and see how it shrunk down, you don't want to overcook it but you know, this much spinach comes to that little bit. Now we're going to add our sauce and the sauce has miso in it and like I was talking about miso, miso is so good for you with its enzymes and probiotics and it does give it a nice flavor but you don't want to cook miso. You want to add it at the end and you can reheat it but don't bring it to a boil because you don't want to kill the enzymes in the miso because that's what makes it so good for you. So the pasta was cooked and we drained it and I'm going to make a plate of this for you to show you how pretty it is. So it's a nice generous serving, not too generous and so I'm going to go to the stove and get our sauce that we reheated a little bit that we didn't boil. So cover it really, be generous with the sauce, it's so nice and good for you. And we're going to just add a garnish of some cherry tomatoes, a few walnuts, pecans or pine nuts would be really good and wallah, Bon Appetit.


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