How to Improve Balance, Spinning Technique

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The spinning technique is designed to be completed in a very particular way for the best results. Improve your balance with a spinning technique with help from a strength and conditioning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Benedict, I'm a strength and conditioning coach and performance enhancement specialist. Today, we're gonna be talking about proper spinning technique and how to do a couple of drills to balance out your dominant side on your legs. So let's get right into it. Let's talk about proper form and technique first on the bike. I see a lot of spinning sessions and people with their knees bowed out when they're driving and doing their pedal strokes. What you want to do is keep your knees tucked in, and engaging your inner thigh muscles. That's where you get your power from on your pedal stroke. Keeping this nice and tight, and keeping your core nice and tight engages the glutes, engages your hip flexors, engages your core. Those are all your power sections to get a nice strong pedal stroke. Now what we're gonna talk about is how you're pulling in your pedal stroke and doing your cycling. So, a lot you see of the toes coming up on the foot, and then you're clawing through on your heel. You actually wanna come up and on your top pedal stroke you wanna come down at a 15 degree angle, and then driving through bow your foot and pulling through, like so. So some good easy exercises that you can do to balance out your dominant leg is to do single leg pull-throughs. So you're gonna come through, point the toes down, and drive through, come through, point the toes down, and drive through. That will help you balance out your pedal stroke, and give you a stronger, stronger cycle and a stronger bike ride for when you need it for your climbs, and in your sprints. So remember to follow me at www,, and also on twitter at Benedict_Steven, and remember, the best results you can get is to train like an athlete, train with an athlete. See you next time.


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