Making Dips Harder

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Making dips harder is a great way to get in a more thorough and efficient workout. Find out more about making dips harder with help from a strength and conditioning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Benedict, and I'm a strength and conditioning coach and performance enhancement specialist. Today I'm going to talk about progressing your dips. Making them a little more challenging in the gym and stray from the traditional regular dips. Well lets start off with the traditional dip. You grab here and on the outsides you are going to do your regular traditional dip and traditional hand, pushing. Now we are going to progress this a little bit and start with something simple and just change our grip a little bit. So instead of having your fingers facing on the out we are going to turn that, turn your wrist and have your fingers facing in. This is going to cause a flare on your outside elbow and hit a different part of your triceps. This are called Gironda dips. Great now that you have that down if you want to get a little more advanced and add a little more stress to the upper body, and force you to push a little more. You can add something as simple as four inch chains. Simply just wrap them around your neck. Go into a traditional dip or you can switch grips depending on whatever you want to do. And this will add a lot more resistance on your way up forcing you to push harder and use more of the triceps. Push, and those are just a few ways that you can progress your dips in the gym and give your workout just a little more of a blast. So remember to follow me at or on twitter benedict_steven. And remember the best results you can get is train like an athlete, train with an athlete.


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