Power Shrugs vs. Shoulder Shrugs

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Power shrugs and shoulder shrugs are two different types of shrugs that each have their own benefits. Learn about power shrugs versus shoulder shrugs with help from a strength and conditioning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Benedict, and I'm a strength and conditioning coach and performance enhancement specialist. Today, we're going to go and look at the two different types of shrugs you can do either power shrugs versus regular shrugs. So let's get right into it. First, we have our traditional regular shrug which most of you do in the gym. We're going to start in a relaxed position, stretched position in your traps, tuck in your chin and you're going to raise your shoulders, squeezing the traps. Let's go through about five reps of these, good. Now we're going to go into our power shrugs which is a little more dynamic movement more sports based. So we're going to start in the original position that we started in the shrugs, relaxed stretched position of the traps and we're going to come down into a Romanian deadlift and drive through the hips and up through the shoulders, up onto the balls of our feet. Good, and that's your power shrugs versus regular shrugs. Any questions, contact me on www.stevenbenedict.com and follow me on Twitter at Benedict_Steven and remember, the best results you can get is to train like an athlete, train with an athlete.


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