How to Put on Eye Makeup to Look Like a Pharaoh

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One of the many things that Pharaoh's are known for was their unique style, especially when it came to makeup. Put on eye makeup to look like a Pharaoh with help from a visual artist in this free video clip.

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Hello, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn of Diva Day International Glam Squad. I'm here with Nadia, model of today, and we're here at Club Kiss Hair Salon. And today, we're going to do a how-to makeup tutorial for Egyptian Queens. Our beauty product today will be a foundation called Expresso. This is a matte foundation made by Ben Nye and I'm going to use Expresso and also I'm going to use Coco Sorbet. As you can see, this product goes on very opaque, a little goes a long way. She already has really great skin, so a lot of application is not needed. For those who have problematic skin, this is great for covering scars and imperfections. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to utilize my highlighting pen from Victoria Secret and I love this FX Pen because what it does is it gives you that natural sun kissed look that we all desire. I'll apply this underneath her eyes, near her tear ducts and moving downward. And as you can see, there she has a dewy, very shiny, healthy glow. I'm going to add a little down the center of her nose and the center of her forehead. We're going to utilize some of our Ben Nye loose powder and that's in a color of clay. It sets the, the, the foundation as you applied to your face initially and locks in the moisture and it helps the makeup stay in place. In her T zone area, I'm going to utilize the Ben Nye translucent powder. It's called Nutraset and this is void of color, meaning it's 100 percent white. And you can dab underneath her eyes, locking in that iridescent look that you applied before, without taking away any of the light if you applied. The strongest thing with the Egyptian look was the eyebrows. It was the strong eyebrows, strong lip, a little bit contouring and a nice headpiece. Minus the headpiece we're going to achieve this look today starting with our brows. Now, when you apply your brow, pencil, powder, wax, you want to start from the in, the, the outer corners of your tear duct, no farther than the outer corners of your natural eye shape. So, starting with hers, blend the application of what I've already applied, making sure we don't see any of those small strokes in between our brow application. Fair enough? Oh yes! Very strong, very beautiful. Egyptian eyebrows. I'm going to apply this color from her lash line all the way to her brow line, filling in where there's no color. Alright. Now that our lid is fairly gold, we want to move in with a darker color. First, I'm going to apply the brownest, the darkest brown color to the creases of her eyelids. And as you can see, it's a very rich chocolate. I'm going to apply this from the corners of her eyes to the center. So, the gold copper, I'm going to add that right in here and as you can see, that's a great gold especially for Nadia's skin tone. The reason we have glitter, in the Egyptian days, but, this is 2012, we have glitter. So, I'm going to add a little glitter to the tear ducts of her eyelids. And today, instead of doing a traditional red lip that we will find, we're going to do a gold lip. This is another spicy flavor from Mac, it's called Oh Baby and we all love it. I, I see it on multiple skin tones and it works well. Applying to the center, working my way outward. And that's how we achieve our Egyptian look. And this is Sherilynn Marilyn, Makeup Artist of today with Diva Day International here at Club Kiss Salon with Nadia, our model of the day.


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