What Should All Plyometric Exercises Be Preceded By?

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All plyometric exercises need to be proceeded by a very particular thing. Find out what all plyometric exercises should be proceeded by with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andre Farnell, fitness mindset coach and master trainer at Better Body Expert Fitness Solutions. Today, I'll be speaking with you about the things that you should do before starting plyometric training. Before we go into this exercise I like to tell you that plyometrics are very intense. And one of the safest ways to get into them is to have a day of rest to begin with. So plyometrics should follow a day of rest. You don't want to pre-fatigue muscles while you are doing it. The dynamic leg swing. It's done to strengthen the quadriceps, stretch out the hip flexors, and the glutes. That's one side, other side. Grab. A second excellent warmup for plyometrics is the jumping jack. Third and finally is going to be squat jumps with overhand, overhead raise. So back into a deep squat. Up and up. So you are taking it down nearly touching the floor if you can, up as high as possible. And there you have it, the exercises that everyone should do before starting a plyometric workout routine. This is Andre Farnell, fitness mindset coach and master trainer at betterbodyexpert.com.


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