The Fastest Way to Tone Muscles for Track

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Not all methods of toning muscles for track are going to yield quick results. Learn about the fastest way to tone muscles for track with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

And this is Andre Farnell, fitness mindset coach and master trainer at Today, I'm going to be speaking with you about rapidly training and toning the muscles for track. So the first exercise to get your muscles ready and prepped for the track is a squat jump. This is a slightly plyometric exercise but it trains the muscles necessary for quick movement on the track. So lets go down into a squat first and up overhead. Use your arms for momentum as well as to strengthen the deltoids and the core. So the next exercise is a hand clean, standing hand clean. This is a modification on an Olympic lift which calls for power of the core, strengthening of the thighs, and shoulders. So these are all the muscles that are necessary for quick and powerful performance on the track. You start here in universal athletic position which is bent here. Shoulders back, take it up and press overhead. Okay so first we have a squat, modified squat. Up into a shrug, catch and press. In real time it looks like this. That's an explosive exercise that will get you power and speed on the track. So the final exercise that we are going to do to strengthen the core, because the core is actually the powerhouse of running and of track. Even though you know most people pay attention to the legs but. We are going to start with what is called a full modified V sit. So it's up with the knees bent. And now we are going to go into a Russian twist. And then lay back out into the start position. Up altogether, twist and down. Real time it should look like this. Twist, twist. Twist, twist, constantly breathing. This works the entire midsection so now I'm getting lower back, abdominals, rectus abdominals, and obliques into the mix. That exercise paired with the other exercises will give you a body that's built for track. And there you have it, toned and ready for track as fast as possible. It's been Andre Farnell, fitness mindset coach and master trainer at


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