The Effects of Spinning Exercise

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Spinning is an extra popular type of exercise these days. Find out about the positive health effects spinning can have on your body with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andre Farnell, master trainer and fitness mindset coach at, and today I'm here to speak with you about the effects of spinning. So spinning is extra popular these days. It's all the rage and it's a popular class in gyms because one of the effects of spinning is that in a very short period of time you're going to get a lot of calorie burned. So in 45 minutes which is the typical length of most spin classes, some do go longer, you're going to get a calorie burn from 450 calories to as much as 800 calories depending on whether or not you spin on a regular basis and the increased amount of calories burned in a short period of time is one of the effects so your V02 max is increased, you are able to breathe under higher intensity workloads and also training of the core, your abs, your lower back while you're in the riding position strengthens as well as you have stronger quadriceps and you also build up muscular endurance in the muscles of the lower legs. In a lot of spinning classes, there's also various upper body strengthening components that the instructors would infuse into the class. So you can also get upper body strength and have more calories burned depending on where your hands are placed on the bike. So position one, position two or one of the outer positions and overall many people who take spinning classes report sort of a calm or a relaxation after the class has ended and that's due to being at a very high and vigorous intensity and then taking it down nice and slow through progression to a place of calmness, during the stretching or during the active recovery. And there you have it, the effects of spinning. This has been Andre Farnell, master trainer and Fitness Mindset Coach at


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