The Effects of Rigorous Exercise

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Rigorous exercise can have a variety of different positive effects on your body. Learn about the effects of rigorous exercise with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, it's Andre Farnell, Fitness Mindset Coach and master trainer at, and I'm here today to speak with you about the effects of rigorous training or rigorous exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine, they recommend that you do 20 minutes of moderate to rigorous physical activity, three to five times a week and what rigorous activity can be defined as is activity that puts you in what is called oxygen debt. This means that your body is having a hard time getting enough oxygen to perform the activity that is being performed or you meet a lactic threshold which is the amount of lactic acid building up in the muscle makes it unable to properly contract and perform the activity. Those are the two ways that you'll know that you're in rigorous activity. So you'll be panting, you'll find that your breathing is faster and it's more shallow. So that's a higher level of intensity. That's at about 80 to 85% of your heart rate max and it is a good thing to train at those levels. So the higher levels of intensity, what they do is they're going to help to forget a better mind body connection. They'll help you to sleep better after performing them and also you'll have the ability to have a better cardiovascular system, so the way that your heart works and the way that your heart on the, internally your lung's function will be higher, raised higher in efficiency. Some studies, especially one by "The Journal of the American Heart Association" has shown that rigorous activity is just not for everyone. It's for, there was a study conducted in soldiers that were entering basic combat training and certain soldiers had a favorable response to rigorous activities while others were constantly sick, complaining of colds and things of that nature. So they had chronic colds and chronic sickness and that was due to the fall in their hormonal, in their immune system and in their hormone status, hormonal status. So some people have a very favorable response to rigorous activities in exercise and others don't. It would be best for you to start with less intense activity before starting to incorporate high level, you know, 80 to 95% heart rate capacity exercises into your routine. As always, you know, consult with a physician before starting anything physical that might tax you to the level of rigorous activities. This is Andre Farnell, Fitness Mindset Coach and master trainer at


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