How to Convert Film Photos to Digital

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Converting film photos to digital only requires the use of a few key pieces of equipment. Find out how to convert film photos to digital with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Photo Editing in Photoshop
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm gonna show you how to convert film photos to digital photos in Photoshop. So I have my photo here, and I had scanned it, and now I'm just, I cropped it down, and I'm just gonna show you how to make this look, how to turn it into a digital photo file. So, you open it in Photoshop. And the first thing you're gonna do is save it. So just file, save as. And save it as a JPEG. And, wherever you want to save it, save it. And make sure that you have it all the way up as a large file so that it saves the image quality. And then, you can start playing around with some levels, and black and, if it's in black and white, it's even better, and with your brightness and contrast. So, I'm gonna just go ahead and enhance the light there. And this, what this does is the black, when you move it to the right, it adds more black, and when you move it to the left, it adds less. Same with the grey and the white. And so once you've figured out the levels you want, you can right click on that layer, and merge down. And then you can also do brightness and contrast. Up the contrast. And then do the same thing, merge it down. And if you wanna even go ahead and add some color to it, it's kind of cool to do, you can do that. You can add, if you wanted like a sepia kind of color photo, you can do that. And then once you're done, you can go to image. If you wanna add like a, a border around it, you can go to canvas size, and so this will tell you how big it is. So I'd say add, 8.1 to 8.6. And, a 5.9, because that will add a half of on inch. And then if that's too much, you can always trim it down. But then once you're done, just file, save. And now you forever have a digital photo file. My name is Alex, and this is how you turn film photos into digital photos in Photoshop. Thank you.


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