Pasta Salad With Peas, Ham & Olive Oil

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Pasta salad with peas, ham and olive oil is a simple dish that you can make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Make pasta salad with peas, ham and olive oil with help from a cookbook author and executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm John Coletta. I'm the managing partner and executive chef of Quartino Ristorante here in Chicago. We're located on the corner of Ontario and State Street. Today, we're going to make this incredible pasta salad with ham and peas and we're going to be using some penne pasta but feel free to use orecchiette, rigatoni or any pasta for that matter. So what we start off doing is I've boiled the pasta in salted water to the al dente stage. I like to have everything lined up ready to go. I've got some fresh basil. We've got some peas and I've got here some prosciutto cotto or ham. So we're going to toss all this together then we're going to place it on this bed of arugula and it's going to be incredible. Make sure you buy ham and as you can see the thickness of it, it's about an eighth of an inch thick and you don't want to cut this too big or too small because if it's cut too thin, it will just lose its presence inside of the dish. So we'll take this and again you can use this as liberally as you want, you know, if you don't like using ham for dietary or religious purposes, feel free to substitute with turkey or chicken. This is a great great base and look at these peas. I mean, this says Spring, I mean absolutely amazing. Now, we're going to take some fresh basil and I have these amazing basil plants in my house in the Winter and in the Summer I've got them outside and I like the idea of hand tearing basil. I think it gives it that very home look and flavor versus this very refined and focused, it doesn't give the flavor that we're looking for. We're looking for food with lots and lots of flavor. At least I am for that matter. Now we'll add a very very high quality extra virgin olive oil and again, don't cheap out on using the oil. Use lots of oil and use lots of high quality oil. So we've got that going and I like to use sea salt or kosher salt and I've got these amazing grinders and grinding spices at the last moment give that intense flavor and that uniqueness rather than having spices that have been ground for months and you know, you get flavors that you're really not interested in. They're dull and flat and these are exciting, look at this, look at this salad. Absolutely amazing. I mean, now, once again, we could use other different kinds of meats. We can use beef, we can use chicken, we can use pork. It's wide open and again look at this. I mean this is absolutely an amazing quick salad. This is being done for all of you just so you know in real time and now, the final taste. Absolutely amazing. I encourage you to try this with varieties of pastas and have fun with it. Again, I'm John Coletta. I'm the executive chef and managing partner here at Quartino. I hope you enjoyed the wonderful videos that I've prepared for you and I look forward to seeing you at Quartino.


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