Lemon Olive Oil Dressing for Italian Arugula Salad

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Lemon olive oil dressing makes a great topping for a wide variety of different dishes, including Italian arugula salad. Make lemon olive oil dressing for Italian arugula salad with help from a cookbook author and executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm John Coletta. I'm the managing partner and executive chef of Quartino Ristorante here in Chicago. We're located on the corner of Ontario and State Street. This is is a great, great salad. We're going to make an Italian arugula salad with some fresh lemon and extra virgin olive oil. One of the things you wanna do is focus on the ingredient, and buy the best lemons that are available, and for that matter, the best and tastiness and most flavorful baby wild arugula. The other important ingredient is olive oil. Don't be afraid to buy olive oil that's just been made or in the season and buy the very best you can get your hands on. And again, we wanna use sea salt or kosher salt, and two kinds of pepper, a black pepper that's freshly ground and a white pepper. So we start off by cutting the lemon in half, and I like to squeeze them right at the moment, and you can see how wonderful that lemon is. And we just squeeze this so gently. And this is a great, great piece of equipment. Now we'll take this wild arugula, and one thing you wanna make sure is, whoever you're buying produce from, you wanna stress the importance of flavor to them, otherwise don't even bother buying that. Now, I've taken the lemon juice and I've put it into this little bottle, and one ratio you may want to keep in mind is always three olive oil to one acid. And whether you're using any type of vinegar, say we dress the ever so liberally. Now, we want to keep this as uneven as possible, and you're saying well what does that mean? I'm adding some sea salt. That means, that the contrast of flavor and texture is what we're after, and by not whisking this and making a vinaigrette, this allows us to have this incredible flavor. Now we toss this, this is white pepper. And I like to use these great spoons to mix the salad. You can see how it coats it, and look at that. That's absolutely amazing. Then we'll take it from here, and will place it in here. And by the way, when you use, when you purchasing olive oil, it's the most fragrant and the strongest flavored ones go absolutely wonderful with this salad. Now, let's see. That is amazing. Absolutely amazing. It's so simple, my family loves these, our customers love these, spectacular. Again, I'm John Coleta, I'm the executive chef and managing partner here at Quartino, I hope you enjoyed the wonderful videos that I've prepared for you, and I look forward to seeing you at Quartino.


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