How to Prop an Infant With Reflux

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Acid reflux in babies can be a really miserable experience. Find out how to prop an infant with reflux with help from a family case worker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina Gavena at And today, we're going to talk about propping an infant with reflux. Acid reflux in babies is really miserable; it's so sad to watch and makes them so uncomfortable, especially when you lay them down to sleep, then the stomach acid is able to rise easier and bother them more. So, when you lay them down to sleep, there are some helpful things that you can do to make them more comfortable. If you have an infant swing or vibrating seat, they are really useful for babies with reflux. When you use an infant seat or swing for when they're sleeping, that helps them stay upright and secured, their straps in, and they're reclined at a position that's really comfortable for them. This can be really helpful because it helps keep the stomach acid down, rather than rising up into their throat, like if they were lying on a flat surface. If you don't have an infant swing or chair, there are some things that you can do that aren't quite as safe as being able to strap them into a seat, but as long as you're not going too far away and you can see them, then you should be okay. I like to use a nursing pillow. They're rounded, you can lay them on a safe surface. Swaddle your baby in a, either an already-made swaddler that Velcros, or you can swaddle them the traditional way. And then, you can lay them in the nursing pillow. It's curved, so it helps them stay in place, and also reclines them at a position where it's going to help them to not have that acid rising to their mouth. And then, also, the nursing pillow isn't that soft. It's not uncomfortable, but it's not squishy either. So, it's not really a suffocation hazard, as long as you're keeping an eye on them and have them positioned in a way that they can't move. Thanks so much for watching. My name is Christina Gavenda, and that's how to prop a baby with acid reflux.


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