Sensory Activities for Hand Strength

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There are many different sensory activities that are more than capable of helping you build increased hand strength. Learn about sensory activities for hand strength with help from a health and fitness coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Suzanne Reilley, online health and fitness coach. I'm here at Firm Body Evolution Holistic Health and Fitness in West Hollywood, and today I'm going to talk to you about how to build hand strength with sensory activities. So, no matter what happens in our lives, whether it's a firm handshake, training for an athletic event, or opening a jar, it's really important to have strong hands. There are a couple of ways you can do this that are actually really enjoyable. One is gardening. Go outside, tend your garden. This involves pulling weeds, lifting hoses, using spray bottles, there's a lot of hand activity that happens when you are gardening and you get to feel the dirt and you get to smell the scents of being outside and the flowers and the plants and everything. It's really really nice, enjoyable for the senses. Another one is rock climbing, especially if you live near a rock area or near a city you can go to your local rock gym and take a course on how to climb the rocks, and it's actually not as scary as you think. Go with some friends, make a day of it when you are pinching and grasping the holds and you're maintaining and managing the ropes, that's also a very nice sensory activity for building hand strength. Another thing you can do at home is using a simple rubber band. Take it around your fingers and open your fingers wide. So, we've been talking about things that strengthen your grip strength but this actually strengthens the back of your hand and that's just important to make sure that your muscles stay balanced. Okay so allow the rubber band to stick just like that and open and close and you can use a little bit firmer of a rubber band if you have strong hands. I'm Suzanne Reilley, and that's how to build strength with sensory activities for your hands.


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