Adding a Crackle Finish to Mod Podge

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Adding a crackle finish to Mod Podge requires the careful use of a very special technique. Learn about adding a crackle finish to Mod Podge with help from an artist, designer and creative entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Cherish Flieder, designer of, and today I want to show you how you can add a crackle finish to your Mod Podge. So to begin the process of crackling I've printed out a piece of my artwork on a laser printer and Mod Podged it to this little piece of wood. And I've also put a nice seal on it as well. So it's ready now to accept the crackle glaze. Once I have the crackle glaze on it, it'll look a little bit something like this with the crackles. It's very subtle but it looks very much like an antique painting. And this is the finished look with brown glaze over the top to enhance the crackle. So in order to add the crackle finish what I'm going to do is take my crackle Mod Podge medium and pour a little bit onto the surface of my sealed and dried Mod Podge picture. And I'm just going to brush this along, going in one direction. You want a nice medium coat, but you don't want to over work it. And then you're going to come back and look the other way and go across so you have one, basically brush strokes going all the way in one direction, and all the way in the other direction. And from there we're going to actually let that dry for an hour before you're going to go on to this next step. So this is a finished Mod Podge piece. And this one I already have the crackle glaze dried and ready to go. If you look at an angle it's kind of hard to see on camera but you can see there's a really nice crackle finish. So what I want to do now is add a bit of a brown glazed to help the crackle appearance be more obvious. So what I've done is I wet my synthetic flat brush and I'm going to kind of mix up the glaze right on the surface here. So just a little dab of the paint. I'm going to continue to work this glaze around and I'm hoping it'll sink into the crackle and show it off. If you get a little bit too much on there you can either wipe it off with a paper towel or you could just paint a little bit off. The glaze is going to just begin drying now but you can already start to see some of the crackles being pronounced more here in the corner. So as that dries that will start looking better and better. I'm Cherish, thanks for joining me and watching this video on how to add crackle to your Mod Podge. I hope you'll go live your life to the fullest and make it something to cherish.


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