How to Make Marble Magnets With Mod Podge

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Making marble magnets with Mod Podge requires you to take a trip to the floral section of your local crafts store. Make marble magnets with Mod Podge with help from an artist, designer and creative entrepreneur in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cherish Flieder, designer of, and today I'm going to show you how to make marble magnets with Mod Podge. When you go to the floral section of the store, you can often find these flattened marbles that are used in a lot of different floral arrangements and they make a wonderful base for a magnet that you can Mod Podge your art onto. Once you get your little bag of flattened marbles you're going to want to dip them in a little bit of water and make sure they're nice and clean before you start to add the Mod Podge to it. From there, go ahead and select some artwork that you'd like to use. This is one of my floral prints that I made and just printed off on a laser printer. Basically I'm going to put the marble over the part of the picture that I want to become my magnet. So we'll just go ahead and decide where I want that to be and once I'm happy about it, I'm just going to grab a pair of scissors and do a rough cut out, nothing too fancy yet. Okay so now that have a basic idea of where that's going to be on the magnet, I'm going to hold it really really tight and now I'm going to cut all the way around and as I cut I'm kind of going at an angle so that way it goes underneath the marble and catches the paper. Otherwise you're going to end up with a little bit of excess that you're not going to want. So now comes the Mod Podge part. You're going to dip a little bit of water onto your brush and then dip into the Mod Podge and I'll just apply straight to the back and then press the picture on really tight. This will force out any bubbles or any extra Mod Podge and then using a damp cloth I'm just going to run it around the sides to make sure that we don't have any extra Mod Podge either on the sides or on the front. Okay, and double check that, it looks great. So once that dries, we can go over to the magnet part. So I'm going to swap this out for one that is already dry, this is a little firefly I've made and we're going to grab a magnet. Obviously, you're going to want to know which side is the magnetic side. So I'm going to test that first and then set that down here and I'm using a glue that is good for metal and glass and a lot of different types of things so that way it dries nice and hard and then I'm just going to press that on and for this one it doesn't really matter if it goes out the side because that will even help the seal. So we're just going to let that dry like that and when it finishes you're going to have a wonderful little magnet that's ready to go and be used. I'm Cherish. Thanks for joining me today in learning how to make marble magnets with Mod Podge. I'll hope you'll go live life to the fullest and make it something to cherish.


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