Vegetarian Dinner Casserole

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Making a vegetarian dinner casserole is something you can do right in the comfort of your very own home. Make a vegetarian dinner casserole with help from a registered dietitian in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is registered dietitian Vandana Sheth. Today, I'm gonna be showing you how to make a simple, healthy and delicious vegetarian dinner casserole. This is my take on a Mexican lasagna. So it's called an enchilada casserole, and we're gonna get started. So, and I like to line up my pan with foil to make clean up easier. So I line up my pan with foil. I'm gonna spray some non-fat cooking oil spray. Pour a little bit of enchilada sauce. And you can decide the spice level that you like. I like it a little spicy, so I've picked up the medium spice, buy you decide which one you like, and just move it around a little bit so that the entire pan has a layer of sauce. We're gonna start lining up our tortilla shells right here. And these are just basic corn tortillas. I like to cut them up so they cover the entire pan. So once we do an entire layer of tortillas, we're gonna be adding some refried beans. And I use fat-free vegetarian refried beans, so I don't have any extra calories coming in there. And, we're gonna start with some beans. And you do, you can use your hands, just because it's a little easier to spread this out. And just make sure every piece of tortilla has some beans on there. And if you have the chance, it's always a good idea to make your beans yourself, but it's okay to use a canned product. Try to keep the sodium level down and the fat level down. Now that I've added my beans, I'm gonna go ahead and add some already cooked sauteed vegetables. You can decide what kind of vegetables you want to use. I've used some onions, garlic, zucchini, carrots, spinach and mushrooms. So we're gonna go ahead and add a layer of vegetables. And finally, we're gonna add just a touch of sauce to make sure this sticks together. And I like to sprinkle a little oregano. Then we're gonna use some cheese. And I've used reduced-fat Mexican blend cheese. So again, I'm getting some cheese, but not a lot. And you wanna make sure you've smushed this down, so that every layer sticks. And we're gonna do, repeat this one more time,with another layer of tortillas with beans, with vegetables, sauce, cheese, and the final layer is going to be where we're just gonna add the tortillas, we're gonna add some sauce, some cheese, and garnish with olives. And you're gonna put this in the oven at about 375 degrees for 20 minutes.And here you go. This is one that I've already done. This is an enchilada casserole that's completed. Gonna dish it out here. And you can serve it as is, or you can garnish it with some cilantro, some tomato, and some green onions. And if you like it spicy, go ahead and add some salsa to it. This is enchilada casserole. I'm Vandana Sheth, registered dietitian.


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