No-Bake Chocolate Oat Bars

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Just because you want to make chocolate oat bars doesn't mean you actually have to do any baking. Learn about no bake chocolate oat bars with help from the owner of Illinois Nut and Candy in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is David Levine. I own Illinois Nut and Candy. We're online at Today, we're making no-bake chocolate oat bars which can also be made as no-bake chocolate oat cookies. Making these confections are a lot of fun and easy to make with your kids when they have a day off of school. What we need to begin with are some really good ingredients because that's the beginnings of all great confections. We need a high-quality sugar, we need a super creamy peanut butter, we need cocoa powder, oatmeal as well as here's where you have an option. You can make them lactose-free with margarine of some sort and almond milk or you can make them with real butter and real milk. What you choose to do at that point is what your preference is and what your dietary restrictions are. So we begin the recipe by adding together, and you could use the same pot to stir it in, the sugar, the cocoa, the butter/margarine and the milk. We then place it on a fire and wait for it to start to boil. You let it boil for one minute. Okay so our mixture has come to a boil. We're going to add the peanut butter now to the boiling mixture of chocolate and we're going to stir it in. So now it's been about a minute and just to recap we've added two cups of sugar and half a cup of butter, a half cup of cocoa, a half cup of milk. We've added a half cup of peanut butter and now we are going to add in three cups of oats. Once again it's really important at this point that we mix and get the mixture nice and coated so all the oats are evenly covered in chocolate and peanut butter. So, what we're going to do after everything has been nice and evenly coated, we're going to put it in a cookie sheet and once again you have the option, you could put it as a bar, as we're doing right now, filling the cookie sheet with parchment paper and making cookie bars or you could do as we did over here and make cookies themselves. Once the batter has been spread across the cookie sheet you can simply take your spatula, cut through the batter in order to create bars, let it sit for a half hour or so and your no bake chocolate oat cookies or bars and ready to enjoy. Thank you for watching today, and once again my name is David Levine with Illinois Nut and Candy. We're online with and have a sweet day.


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