How to Decorate Chocolate Chip Cookies for a Baby Shower

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Decorated chocolate chip cookies make great additions to a wide variety of different occasions. Find out how to decorate chocolate chip cookies for a baby shower with help from the owner of Illinois Nut and Candy in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is David Levine. I own Illinois Nut and Candy. We're online at, and today we're going to be learning how to decorate your chocolate chip cookies for a baby shower. A lot of people when they're making cookies for a baby shower will start with your typical baby bottles, your baby carriages and they'll do a brown sugar cookie or a sugar cookie, they'll cut them, they'll bake them, they'll decorate them. Today, we're doing a slightly different twist on the decorating of a cookie. We're taking a chocolate chip cookie, everybody loves chocolate chip cookies. Take your favorite recipe for a chocolate chip cookie and what we'll do is after you've baked, them, what we'll do is we'll set them on a cookie tray. Make sure when you're getting ready to decorate your chocolate chip cookies, what you've done is they've been cooled properly and you're not working with a hot cookie. You want to make sure they're room temperature. Get ready beforehand with pastry bags filled with frosting. You can color your frosting using various colorings that are available in your hobby stores. What we're doing to make our chocolate chip cookie special today is, we're using decos like the little baby girl, as well as sprinkles, we have the blue and white and the pink and white sprinkles and seeds. Today, as we decorate with our pastry bag, what we're going to start is by going around the perimeter of the cookie and you'll notice as I'm decorating the cookie, I keep the pastry bag very close to the cookie itself and I'm going to go around the perimeter of the cookie and its entirety. Be sure as you're using your pastry bag to apply even pressure, if you apply too much pressure at one time, you will make a mess and you will not have that perfectness. You can then put a dot of your frosting in the middle, take a deco of your choice and put it on. Then to enhance the cookie's appearance, simply take some seeds, sprinkle it on to the frosting while it's wet. The excess will come off when you put them later on to a tray. You are able to find seeds like these on line at your website. After you've applied the deco and the seeds to your cookie, you now have a decorated chocolate chip cookie for your next baby shower. Thank you for watching today and once again my name is David Levine with Illinois Nut and Candy. We're online at and have a sweet day.


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