How to Fold Men's Handkerchiefs

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A handkerchief is a traditional piece of accessory for men's clothing. Find out how to properly fold men's handkerchiefs with help from a master tailor and image consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian Lipstein, president of Henry A. Davidsen, and we're here today to talk about how to fold a man's handkerchief. The first thing I'd like to point out is that there is actually a difference between a handkerchief and a pocket square and what we're really talking about is how to fold a pocket square. The pocket square is a traditional piece of accessory for men's clothing. There is a pocket on a suit for a reason and I always recommend using it to put a pocket square in. You can have a flat fold like James Bond does and this is how you would fold that one, fold it into four quadrants and then you can pick the folded edge with this square, particularly you can see, you can do a blue trimmed edge. I happen to choose to do just the white and you would fold it just about the size of the pocket and then go ahead and slip it in. A little fold with a poof on it. You want to start by just pinching the pocket square in the middle and let it dangle and just give it a grab and a fold and there it would sit in the pocket like so. The pocket square can also be folded into a tri-fold, for showing three points above the pocket. You're going to start by putting the two corners together, creating a triangle, bring the two edges up to get your points and you're just going to pinch in the middle, fold it in half, fold up and fit to the pocket and there you have your three points. And lastly with the pocket square we can do it with four points above the pocket. Start with the square, bring the corners together to create a triangle. Actually bring the corners together again to create a smaller triangle there and then you're going to bring the four points up, one, two, three and four, fold in half and you get your four points on the fold there. Fold the rest of the pocket square so it fits the pocket and just tuck it in. Now for those that have trouble folding the pocket square we now have a pocket circle and a pocket circle has two folds. Firstly, it can be folded flat, just fold the circle into four quadrants and then go ahead and fit to the size of the pocket. You can go ahead and slip that into the pocket and you have a flat fold coming out the top there. And then you can also do the pocket circle with a flowery fold to it. You would start by pinching the middle, pinch and just slide it up in your hand and there you have your fold there. Those are a couple ways to fold pocket squares and the new pocket circles. Again, my name is Brian Lipstein. We're here at Henry Davidsen giving you a couple tips on how to finish the look of the suit.


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