How to Deal With a Negative Boss

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Not all bosses are going to be a wealth of positive reinforcement. Deal with a negative boss with help from a public relations and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Darryle Brown from, and today we will discuss how to deal with a negative boss. Sometimes working as a supervisor can be so demanding, so overwhelming, and sometimes so thankless, in a sense, that some bosses tend to come across negative for a variety of different reasons. When a boss is negative in their working environment, it actually has a lot of adverse effects in the overall empowerment, the moral and also the overall function of the team itself. Some of the best ways to deal with that, will be associated in this presentation. Here are some tips to help you to deal with a negative boss. Tips number one. Most importantly, do excellent work. There are times where there's a good reason for a boss to be negative, and that is if their employees are making mistakes, or causing disruptions in the overall function of the productivity of the workplace, which gives reason for a boss to be negative. The best thing for a team to do for their boss is to do excellent work, to make them look good, and take the heat off of them. And so it's really important that if you want to ensure that your boss becomes a little more positive, make sure your work ethic is above expectations. Tip number two, stay positive at all times. Just because the boss is somewhat negative, does not mean that you should be. The best balance to deal with negativity is positivity. Have a positive outlook towards things within the workplace, have a positive outlook toward life, and let that positivity reflect upon the workplace and upon your boss, because as long as you're positive, that may actually have the right type of impact to help change the perspective, attitude and the focus of the boss, and get them back on track. Tip number three, help them to decrease their workload. Sometimes being a supervisor, there's so many responsibilities, so many demands on the job as a supervisor, and so much liability involved that it can be overwhelming, and maybe the reason why a boss is negative is because they have too much on their plate, and they're trying to handle it all at once. But you as an employee, stepping in and maybe helping them to decrease their workload will not only ease the stress that they're dealing with and also the fact that they're being overwhelmed, it will also help to build the rapport that you need to help them become more positive within the workplace, and everyone benefits. I'm Darryle Brown, from, and these are tips on how to deal with a negative boss. Thank you for watching.


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