How to Deal With Jerks in the Workplace

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There are unfortunately jerks in every workplace no matter where that place happens to be. Deal with jerks in the workplace with help from a public relations and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Darryle Brown from and today we will discuss how to deal with jerks in the workplace. Jerks. They're in every workplace. We deal with people on a regular basis that maybe perhaps are perceived as jerks because their personality clashes or some reason why people don't quite get along in the workplace. There are situations where people are either deliberately behaving in a manner that comes across as obnoxious or a manner in which it's in inappropriate in the workplace. But unfortunately, if they're not doing anything that's against policy or anything illegal, sometimes we just have to find the best way to endure a sometimes not very comfortable situation in dealing with others in the workplace. Here are some tips to help you in dealing with the jerks in your workplace. Number one, start with a polite conversation. The reason why is really important if you can have an opportunity to talk then there are some people out there who are not aware or maybe they are to some degree, but they don't really address the issue in a manner in which it creates harmony but causes but more problems in the workplace itself. And sometimes bringing it to their attention through a polite conversation or become tactful in your approach can maybe help at least the people who are unaware their behaviors is negatively effecting other people, it gives them an opportunity to address those issues. Tip number two. If their behavior continues, let's say if their behavior escalates or continues in a manner in which it continually creates disharmony in the workplace, one of the things that you can do is limit as much contact as possible with them. And it's not to say that you just stop working with them altogether, but if you don't really have to be in contact with them if that helps to reduce the disharmony between you and then, try to limit it as much as possible. I always say when I'm working with some people that I don't particularly care about, I won't go out and have a drink with them, but I know that I have to work with them and I'll limit my contact to the professional atmosphere in which we have to work, not the areas in which we choose to function together. Tip number three, notate and keep record of issues. Sometimes it's the smaller issues that might not be illegal or against policy but sometimes if there's some degree of proof or there's a pattern of behavior that eventually could escalate against policy or an issue in which it can be problematic within the workplace, keeping those notes and proving that there's an actual problem gives you an opportunity to ensure that the matter gets addressed appropriately through supervision or maybe HR or one of the other offices that address those issues. And tip number four, consult objective counsel for guidance and maybe perhaps mediation. Some issues can't be resolved by going face to face with someone. Sometimes you need guidance to ensure that you take the right approach so that you don't cause escalation through perhaps your emotions because you're so offended by this person or allowing the issues to fester and build up within you where you just absolutely blow up or go off on that person and that is not the approach you want to take. Sometimes mediation might be the issue to get down to the bottom of it from someone that is objective in ensuring the issue is resolved so that there is harmony, good team work, and ensuring the office or the working environment functions as appropriately. I'm Darryle Brown from, and thank you for watching.


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