Gluten-Free Broccoli & Rice Recipe

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Gluten-free broccoli and rice is a great dish that you can make right in your very own kitchen. Get a gluten-free broccoli and rice recipe with help from a board-certified, holistic health coach with an AADP designation in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Morisa Voorhees. I'm a caterer and a party planner and I do it all gluten and dairy-freely. You can find me at Today, we are making a gluten-free broccoli and rice bake. So with this, this is a great dish if you happen to have leftover rice that you got from a takeout meal the night before, or if you just happen to make up extra rice. I have a tendency to do that because I love to turn my rice into breakfast cereals or into dishes like this later in the week when you're just too tired to do something. So, along with your mushrooms and broccoli and you can use either fresh broccoli or frozen broccoli, you'll do a pound and a half of broccoli, a pound of mushrooms, two cups of cooked rice. This one happens to be basmati rice. Now when looking for rice, almost all rice is gluten-free. It's very hard to find and very rare to find a rice that has gluten in it. So stick to those that are things like basmati, jasmine rice. I tend to avoid the enriched ones because sometimes the additions of that will add little things that our bodies don't really like so stick with clean rices and you'll be just fine, coconut milk, salt, pepper, a quarter of an onion chopped, a clove of garlic, minced and Dijon mustard. You'll do two tablespoons of Dijon mustard in there. So the way this works is you're going to do the onion and the garlic in the pot with olive oil, get that sauteeing, about a tablespoon of olive oil is all you'll need. You'll then add in your mushrooms. Once you add in your mushrooms, you're then going to let all of that cook for a little while. Once that's nice and soft, you're going to add in two cups of rice and once that has been added in you'll add in a whole can of coconut milk and the Dijon mustard. Give that all a good stir, give it a quick taste to see if you need salt or pepper. You'll probably need a little bit of both, then in goes the broccoli. Once you've done all of that and brought it all together and it's nice and looking yummy, I top it with a little bit of cheese. Now I happen to be dairy-free so my cheese is the vegan route. So, and this one happens to be a soy free cheese, but you can go any which way you want. In this dish a Parmesan would be lovely on it or something with a little sharp taste to it as well as anyone of your vegan cheeses. So once that all comes together you're going to put it in a baking dish, top it with a cheese and it's going to go in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes until the cheese gets nice on top and everything is baked through. So once you've brought everything together in the pot, you put it in your baking dish and give your dish a good bake. That would be 350 for about 20 minutes. You can cover it and it will stay nice and moist or you can keep the covering off, that would be no tin foil on top and it will put it a little bit crispy and crunchy on the top which is how I like it. So once it's been baked, serve it on up. It's great on its own or as a side dish with anything that you care for. Again, I'm Marisa Voorhees, The Food Sensitive Foodie. Thanks for watching. I wish you a delicious day.


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