Gluten-Free Chicken Chili Recipe

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Gluten-free chicken chili is a delicious dish that you can make right at home. Get a terrific gluten-free chicken chili recipe with help from a board-certified, holistic health coach with an AADP designation in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Marisa Voorhees. I'm a Caterer and a Party Planner and I do it all gluten and dairy-freely. You can find me at Today, we're making gluten-free chicken chili. And, so, for our gluten-free chicken chili, you can think of it as your pumpkin pie and your chili took a party in your pot. So, I've a few different ingredients that you may think, "Huh, that sounds interesting", but when it comes together, it's a really delicious gluten-free chicken chili. So, when making your chicken chili, you're going to start with a little bit of olive oil in the bottom of your pan, no more than a tablespoon and just get that heating. And you'll briefly brown your chicken thighs. I like chicken thighs for chili. I think it have the right meat; it's nice, soft, moist. So, in go a pound of chicken thighs, that's about six chicken thighs. Once you've browned them briefly on each side, they don't have top be fully cooked 'cause they're going to go back in the pot. But, you do want them brown on each side. You'll remove those and into the olive oil and chicken juices will go a quarter of a chopped onion and a grated garlic clove. You'll sautee those briefly and once those have gotten a nice sautee to them and your onion is starting to lighten in color just a little bit, you're going to add in your spices. Your spices for this chili are cocoa powder, two tablespoons of cocoa powder, two teaspoons of cinnamon, one half teaspoon of nutmeg, one and a half teaspoons of brown cumin and one tablespoon, packed tablespoon of brown sugar. So, into the pot will go those with your onion and garlic that has been sauteed. You'll give that a quick stir to combine. Once that has been combined, you'll put the chicken back in the pot and you'll add in your beans. I like to use white beans in my chili and I use just one can. There are some people who feel that chicken chili should have a lot of beans, others who feel like beans have no place in chili. So, I like to use one can. Along with that, you're going to stir in half a can of canned pumpkin, a can of diced tomatoes with their juice and a jar of salsa. I picked a hot chipotle salsa for this one. And one of the tricks when you're looking for gluten free is just to read the labels to make sure they're no extra additives. It's those additives and those thickening agent, agents that will sometimes have the gluten ingredients in them or just be enough to upset your system. So, look for fresh salsas and salsas with just a few ingredients in them. So, into the pot will go all of those things. Once that's come together to a mild rolling boil and that will be just on medium low heat, once that starts bubbling away a little bit, you're going to turn off the heat and let it still come together with the lid on. Once that has come together for about 20 minutes, just leave it over that burner there with no heat on. You can go back and shred your chicken with your fork and serve up your chili. Again, I'm Marisa Moorhees, The Food-Sensitive Foodie, thanks for watching. I wish you a delicious day.


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