Sustainable Ideas for Making Money

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Sustainable ideas for making money are ones that can withstand the obstacles that life throws at you. Learn about sustainable ideas for making money with help from a licensed insurance agent in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jonathan DeYoe with DeYoe Wealth Management in Berkley, California and today we're talking about sustainable ways for making money. Now life is going to throw obstacles and challenges in your face and the first thing you have to do is you have to make sure that you are doing what you love. If you do what you love, then when those obstacles come your way, when the challenges meet you, you will be able to overcome them. You'll be able to move mountains to overcome them because you're following your passions and doing what you love. So the first step is do what you love. The second thing you have to do is be massively productive. When I first started in my career, I was told very simply, Jonathan, 90 percent of the people that start this job, fail. Those people that work harder than any other people survive and make it and become successful. So when I first started, I worked harder than anybody else. I did 14 hour days, six days a week. I worked incredibly hard but what I learned was that it's not enough to work hard because I was successful but I wasn't happy because I built a program under which I had to work 14 hour days to maintain it. So I started over and what I did is I added some smart to the hard. I hired good people. I built processes. I invested in technology. and when I did these things, I both worked less, became more successful and I was paid my happiness dividend. Maybe you can't focus on this 100 percent. Maybe you have to have a job from 9 to 5 to pay the bills in the interim. If that's the case, then take those four hours, three days a week that you can invest in your thing, start developing it, start following your passions. There are tools out there today given the technological world we live in. There's Google that lets you search things. There's Pinterest that lets you put things on the market, Etsy lets you sell things, Facebook lets you get a message out, Twitter lets you get that message out all over the place and you can build your followers and no matter what it is you are doing, your interest, your passion, you can build a following and once you have that following, whatever it is you're trying to sell, your services, a product, something that you're passionate about, something that you love, your knowledge about wine, your belief in the need for a better world, your support for green energy, all of these things can be pushed forward in a way that you can develop a revenue stream outside of that 9 to 5 job and slowly it can be so slowly, you can replace your current income with your passion income. Third, and this is incredibly important, not all people do this. In fact, the smallest minority of people actually push this to the limit and become successful in following their passions. And the reason or part of the reason that is is along the way there will be many, many, many people that say no, no stop here, don't work that hard. No, no don't do this, it's going to take too much time. Wouldn't you rather do this? Wouldn't you rather do that? Wouldn't you feel better if, wouldn't it be nicer if? And the answer to all those things is no, because I'm pursuing my passions. I'm doing what I love to do because I know that one day I can actually turn that into something that is a sustainable income for me that I love to be a participant in. You can't believe the naysayers. You have to believe in yourself and move forward. At the end, my father always told me that in order to have everything you want in life, you have to give other people what they want in life. You have to give back. You have to tutor somebody. You have to mentor somebody and actually when you do this, you'll find that this is the thing that makes you the happiest. If you're engaged in the life, maybe your own business or a process that you love, and at the same time you are mentoring and supporting some of those people around you, those people you care about, you're going to be happier than you could ever thought imagined. I'm Jonathan DeYoe with DeYoe Wealth Management, Berkley, California. Thanks for listening.


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