How to Give African-American Hair the Wet Look

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Giving your hair the wet look involves the use of products like moisturizer. Find out how to give African-American hair the "wet" look with help from a licensed professional hairstylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Stephanie Haynes at Diva Hair Designs in Duncanville, Texas, and today I'm going to demonstrate to you how to give the wet look to a natural hairstyle. With the color on the hair, we want to make sure that we add moisture to the hair because color can dry your hair out. It is very important to keep moisturizer on the hair. A lot of times with natural hair we put gels and drying products on there. It is important that we add moisture to the hair and not just to the hair, we want to make sure that we put it on the scalp as well. Whatever we put on the scalp will go to the hair. So make sure that we put it on the scalp. And just massage it through to the ends of the hair. And this is just to ensure that whatever products we put on after this moisturizer, this will still be soft and it will still have oil in it and be moisturized. After that, then we can apply the products to give her the wet look. Now the product we're going to use today is Silk Elements liquid styling gel. It gives the hair a real shiny look giving it that wet look and it also moisturizes the hair because it is a curling gel. So we're going to take it, rub it into the palm of our hands and make sure that we section the hair even if we have to use just our hands, we section the hair and apply it. Now this is a curling gel because she has no relaxer on her hair, she is chemical-free as far as relaxers, she only has a color in the front so the hair will begin to start curling. Now we can go ahead and put it on the front part of the hair where we've already applied the moisturizer. You can see now where the hair is curling up and this is a product that will not dry out the hair because it is a curling gel. It is very important to use a wide tooth comb, the teeth are spread apart, that way you can comb out the hair. You don't want to use a comb that's too small because it can then pull the hair because she does not have a relaxer so you need something that will separate the hair really good and comb all the product all the way through. Once you do that you can begin shaping the hair into the style in which it's cut. The product has already been applied along with the moisturizer that was applied to the front color of the hair, you just begin to comb the hair and shape it with your hands. There is no need to do too much to the hair because we want to maintain the wet look with the product that has been placed on the hair. I just demonstrated to you how to get a short natural look a wet look along with making sure that the color in her hair is moisturized to get that wet look also.


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