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Singer songwriter Taylor Swift is known for her very distinctive makeup styles. Copy Taylor Swift's makeup with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International, Beyond D Productions, Kiss Club and Brennie, our model here today who is going to help us show you how to achieve a Taylor Swift look. Now as you can see she already has her face done, her color palette is already matched to her skin. She has her cheeks and her lips done and brows are filled in. What I would like to do is show you how to accentuate your eyelids and also with your lips. I'm going to add a little bit of bronzer as well. And as we move forward, I'm going to start with her eyes first. Now with Taylor's look, it's very soft, it's very subdued and very flirty, romantic even. So I'm going to use a soft gold-like color as you can see here from Bobbi Brown and this color is called champagne and that's exactly what it looks like, champagne. So starting with this, I'm going to use a brush instead of the fingers, I'm going to use a flat eye shadow brush. I'm going to fill the brush with color and we always want to tap off the excess as you can see here. I'm going to apply the champagne to her overall lid and that means from the lash line to the brow bone. I always want to try and draw more attention to the balls or should I say the middle of your lid. Taylor, in a lot of her pictures, she uses a lot of muted colors, a lot of neutrals so I'm going to take another product from Bobbi Brown in a darker shade, more of a, it's called taupe and it's more of a brown color and this works well within the creases of her eyes. I'm just going to stay from the corners to only the center of her iris, only from the corners to the center of her iris which creates more of a crease. I'm going to use a chestnut color made by Mac and this is an eyeliner in the color chestnut. I'm going to apply this to her water line, all the way across because Taylor is a fan of natural beauty but she also likes that very clean youthful pop. And using a brown instead of a black initially, allows you to create a softer natural look, a bit of drama. Now I'm just going to take a flat blending brush and I'm gong to soften this line. Now we're going to finish her eyes with a darker color. We're going to go right underneath her eyes with a black, continue to blend. Blending is your friend. Alrighty, now Taylor also has a very unique look that's her signature and she uses liquid liner. So, I'm going to apply liquid liner only on the tops of her lids to create that very soft wingtip and I'm using a liquid liner made by Absolute. It's an off brand that I found at my local beauty supply store and it's waterproof as well. So when I open up the applicator, I dab off any excess so we don't have too much, we have just enough. She closes her lids and I lift her brow, alright, and as you can see, it adds a little more drama. So I'm going to just dab a little bit of that into our pot of glitter and apply it to the inner corners of her eyes, close your lids for me. It gives you a little party on the inside of your eyes. Now like I said before, Taylor doesn't do a lot of makeup. She does a lot of bronzers to keep that fresh, young look. I'm going to use a Mac bronzing powder and it's called So Rich, love this stuff. So I'm going to just apply the powder right here on her cheeks, right at the base of her cheekbone, here and here and we're going to use a swiping format. So I'm just lining and filling in her lips and Taylor is known for a very soft pink lip, rub your lips together, perfect. And now you have Taylor Swift kissable lips. And that will complete our look for today and this was inspired by Taylor Swift. And I'm Sherilynn Marilyn of Diva Day International here at Kiss Club Salon with Brennie of Beyond D Productions.


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