How to Do Olive Oyl's Makeup From "Popeye"

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Olive Oyl is a character made famous in the classic cartoon "Popeye." Find out how to do Olive Oyl's makeup from "Popeye" with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, it's Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International Glam Squa,d and I'm with Brennie at Kiss Club Hair Salon, and we will be showing you exactly how to apply makeup for a character named Olive Oyl Popeye. Love her. So we're just going to begin with a clean face. I've already started with her foundation and she is already mattified. We've applied powder and I'm going to start with her eyebrow fill in and I'm going to use a dark brown pencil and with Olive Oyl she had some really enhanced brows and as you can see I'm not going to, I'm going to apply the pencil first, fill it in and then I'm going to come back and blend that pencil so we don't have any harsh lines. And like I said, Olive Oyl had some really broad eyebrows and I love thick brows. So this is going to be an easy treat. We always want to make sure we don't have any stroke lines, blend it carefully and fully. Going towards the end you always want to have a smaller point. From here is where you want to stop. Put your pencil here and put your pencil here and you know exactly where to start and where to end on your brow application. I'm just going to do that the same to the opposite side. For Olive Oyl, she had very minimal makeup . So this character is not going to take that much longer but I just want to add a little flare to Olive Oyl because she is a character and we are making her up. So with that being said, I'm going to apply a little more of an application underneath and on top of her eyelids just to give her that sun kissed look. As I apply, I'm using a patting motion, making sure that we get a good cover because Olive Oyl has very very alabaster skin and Popeye did not like a made over woman. Now the second thing I'm going to apply, not very much of a color, but it's going to be more of an iridescent. It's going to bring a little pop to your T-zone. So I'm going to, much like in the same area, using a patting motion, underneath her eyes and right there in the corner we always have a little discoloration right there in the corner. Alright the next step that I'm going to take with Olive Oyl, she didn't really have a lot of blush but I'm going to add some, just to the apples of her cheeks and as you can see here, she has a very very clean look, brows are brushed and also filled in and we're also going to move to our next step which is going to be cheeks and lips. I'm going to use a product by Joe Blasco. This is going to be her cheek hue which this color is a dry cheek color called pink. I'm going to use pink with a, I'm going to use a broad brush. Usually I use a contouring blush brush but today I want a very soft look. I'm going to use another super dome brush and the pink, I'm going to just load the brush with the color as you can see here, tap off the excess and we're going to, smile for me, right here on the cheeks, just applying a little dab will do you, in a circular format. As you can see, it just brings a little bit of color to the center of her face, not too much, very soft, very pretty, which I've chosen a fairly pink, the same hue as her lip color and as you can see, I'm lining and filling in the lips with the same lip color. Now, like I said, Olive Oyl didn't really have a lot of makeup on, but she was very clean. So what I'm going to do to bring down those lips just a little bit, I'm going to add a little translucent powder to her lips. To finish off this look, Olive Oyl didn't have a lot of lashes but I want to bring it up just a notch and we always don't want to forget our long long lashes. So to top this look off, I'm going to add a little bit of mascara and a little bit of brown cream liner. As I apply this brown liner to her water line, I'm not going all the way across her water line. I'm paying attention to the center of her iris and only the corners of her eyes. And I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International at Kiss Club Hair Salon with Brennie and we are showing you exactly how to apply makeup for the character of Olive Oyl.


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