How to Do Arabic Makeup

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The key to doing Arabic makeup is to concentrate as much as possible on your eyes. Learn how to do Arabic makeup with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Well, hello, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International Glam Squad here at Club Kiss and with Nadia. Right? "Yeah." Yes, Nadia, the model of the day. And we will be doing a rendition of how to apply Arabian nights makeup. And we're only going to concentrate on the eyes. But, first I'm going to start with the brows. The brows are our focal point and we always want to fill them in. And as you can see, she has very lovely thick brows and I love thick brows. So, I'm just going to fill them in, accentuate them just a little bit more with a brow pencil made by Mac. It's in chestnut, it's a, a chestnut cream stick, and that's the color. And I'm going to fill them in starting at, from the inner corners of her, her iris and I'm going to come all the way out to the outer corners of her eyes. I'm going to use small strokes to naturally fill in the brow. I don't want to use a color too dark because it, it makes it looks unnatural. Not overextending from her natural eye shape, only going to the direct corner. So, this is where your brows should start and end. Start and end. Now, I'm going to take a, a brush, a brow brush, just to smooth out the lines that we have accumulate, created with our cream stick. What this does is it helps to make those small strokes blend in with the hair and also give you a nice clean bold brow. And also, I'm going to add a little bit of brow wax and what this does is create an even more polish look on the brows. I'm going to use Ardell brow wax stick and this is going to give the brows a more polish look. I'm just going to sweep it on top of the application that we've already applied. It's void of color and as you can see it adds a very polished look. Now, I'm going to move forward with the coloring, right. Today, we're going to do the Arabian night eye. And I'm going to use some of the traditional colors that they normally use and it would be a crimson and more of a ultraviolet purple in the creases. And we're going to wrap it all up with a dark heavy liner around the eyes; meaning on your water line and on top of your lash line. I'm going to apply that eye shadow primer all over her entire lid, starting at the, the lower base of her eyebrow and moving downward. And there you have it. We have two base eyes, left and right and we are now ready to apply our ultra, well, star violet eye color to create our, our how to do the Arabian nights. Now, I've loaded my brush, as you can see with the start violet and I'm going to apply this from the crease down to the base of her lash line. And as you can see it's pretty vibrant. Some of the traditional colors that we're use were, that I saw when I did my research was a lot of pinks, a lot of purples, some greens, but definitely they had a lot of eyeliner. We want to apply the purple to the outer corners and into the crease, giving it a yummy royal effect. So, now, we are, we're ready to move onto our next step and that is draw in between the crease and your brow. So, we want to add a little color there. I'm going to add a little gold shimmer between the crease of the purple down all the way to her brow bone. You always apply the product and you tap off the excess. And as you can see it complements the raspberry and the purple very well. Well, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International Glam Squad here at Club Kiss and with Nadia doing a rendition of how to apply Arabian nights makeup.


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