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Day of the Dead-style makeup includes a heavy focus on the color white. Find out how to make Day of the Dead-style makeup with help from a visual artist of nine years in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sherilynn Marilyn, your Makeup Artist of the day. I'm with Diva Day International Glam Squad here at Club Kiss Hair Salon with our model of the day, and this is Nadia. She will be helping us show you how to create a Halloween makeup look entitled, Day of the Dead. Be prepared 'cause you're going to be shocked and amazed. I'm going to start with her color palette which is going to be a base of white. This is going to, this product is made by Ben Nye. It is a cream colored foundation in CL white. I'm going to apply this very generously all over her face. And as you can see it goes on very smoothly. I'm not doing it in any particular way; you're going to apply this all the way to the hairline. Alright, now that we have our face already pigmented and ready for makeup application, we want to move forward. Utilizing my inspiration of the day which is off of Google images, I'm going to do a variation of looks. I'm going to take my spatula and my black face pain here, I'm going to apply it to the back of my hand much like I did with the white and I'll be using a lot of black, so I'm just going to take out a little bit extra than what I may need for this look. And I'm going to, I'm going to start to apply this to this half portion of her head. Start out with a, a very straight clean line, "Just give me a few moments here", and I'm going to connect those lines which are dashes in between. Alright. Now, I'm going to move downward to her eyelids. They have a circular motion right in here, creating a very intense eye socket. And we're going to take the black all the way up into her eyebrows in a circular format. Color in this area. I'm going to make two small triangles white, right exactly where her nostrils will be. I'm going to extend the, the triangle at the tip. Try your triangle, extend the point of it and then you want to color that in. And again, it's going to come off a little grayish, but we're going to color correct that later. We just want use this as our base and as our outline. You want to draw a line from the corners of her, of your client's mouth towards the triangle. Once you do what, once in one side, you're going to do to the other. What I'm going to do to complete this look is add the, the little lines in between, creating more of a, a dried lips; she looks like she needs a lot of agua. So, using, utilizing vertical strokes; I love using the pigments because they, they're very loud in color. They're great for character stage and if you're a glamour girl, you know exactly what I mean. I'm drawing the line small petals. Make sure they are connected. And there you have it. And this is the conclusion of our makeup tutorial for our Day of the Dead Halloween look. And I'm Sherilynn Marilyn with Diva Day International here at Club Kiss Hair Salon and with Nadia, our model of the day. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you.


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