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Making apricot vegan scones requires you to follow only a few basic, easy to manage steps. Find out about apricot vegan scones with help from a food and fashion writer in this free video clip.

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Hello, my name is Tara Redfield, and I am a food writer in Los Angeles, and today I have a guest pastry chef who specializes in vegan desserts. Her name is Sara Creighton, and she is going to show us how to make vegan apricot scones. Okay, so the first thing you wanna do is have your oven set to about 425 Fahrenheit, and then you wanna get out all of your ingredients. We're gonna start with our flour, and you want 2 1/2 cups of flour, and we're gonna go ahead and add that. Okay, and then we're gonna add some water, or I'm sorry, not water, we're gonna add sugar, 1/3 cup sugar. And then 4 tablespoons of baking powder. And then we're gonna do 1/2 of a teaspoon of salt. And are those all the dry ingredients? Yes, these are all the dry ingredients. So we're gonna head and combine all the dry ingredients together. You wanna mix until about well combined. And now we're going to add the butter, and I have here a non-dairy vegan butter. It happens to be soy free because I wanted soy free scones. So I'm going to add about 3/4 cup of the butter. Okay. Now that I've got my butter in the flour mixture, I'm gonna cut it with my pastry cutter, and I have a little device here that I like to use to cut the butter. It looks like a masher. Yeah, it's kind of like a, like a baked potato masher, or a mashed potato masher, or you could use it for like scrambling things. I use it to sort of cut the butter into the flour mixture. And that's just going to help it distribute evenly? Yeah, that's gonna make it, yeah, you're gonna make it into smaller, finer pieces, you want like little crumbs of butter basically in with the flour. Yeah, it's definitely not going to be a fine batter, it's gonna be pretty chunky, and that's okay, that's exactly what you want. So now we're gonna go ahead and make our egg replacer. So we're going to use 2 tablespoons of water. And is this just cold, cold water? Yeah, just cold water. You just wanna use 2 tablespoons.of the water. And then you're gonna add the egg replacer, and you're gonna do 1 1/2 teaspoons of the egg replacer into the water. And do they sell that at most grocery stores? I believe you can find it at most grocery stores. If not, all your health food stores will definitely have an egg replacer. It's basically just a starch, so it's just like adding starch to whatever you're baking instead of adding eggs. So there we go. And then we're gonna whip this up using our same utensil. You just want it to get creamy, white, sort of creamy color going. That looks simple enough. Right. And now we're gonna add this to our flour mixture. So there's our egg replacer. Get it all in there, so that's your eggs, basically. Okay. And then we're gonna add our apricot preserves. So if you're wanting to have really fruity scones, you wanna add a lot. If you're just wanting a little bit of apricot in there, you just add a little. It kind of just depends. I use about half a jar. Now we're going to add our non-dairy milk. I am using almond milk, and we're gonna use 1/2 a cup of the almond milk. So now we've got a pretty thick, doughy batter, and that's exactly what we want. Let me show you guys. Alright. So once you've got the dough into basically a mold, you can, you know, push it, and it will stay into a form. You're saying, okay, I'm don with that, and you're gonna take a flat surface, I'm going to use a cutting board, and you're gonna lightly flour it, and you're gonna put the dough onto it. Then you're gonna put your scone dough, the big ball, get all the little pieces in there. You can see the. Yeah, I've got a little bit of apricot, you guys can see that, but there's definitely some apricot in there. Pretty. So now you're gonna make it into a little ball, kind of like, you know, you're kneading a pizza almost. You're not really gonna knead it too much, you just wanna get, you know, it all combined. So you can go ahead and cut out out your triangles. So, now that I've got a pretty flat pizza-like dough ball here, I'm gonna go ahead and cut. Do you need this guy? Yes. I'm gonna use my pastry cutter. You can use a butter. You can use anything that will make a cut into the dough that you have at home. Just a nice, clean cut. Right. So I'm gonna cut triangles, the traditional scone shape, and then I'm gonna put them on my baking sheet. So I'm gonna put my first triangle down. And then once you've got, you know, a little space in between each one, because they are gonna expand as they grow. You wanna put them in the oven and bake for about 10 to 12 minutes. Alright, we have taken our scones out of the oven, and they look delicious, and these baked for about how long? About 10, about 11 minutes. You wanna do like 10 to 12. It's gonna be a high heat, so you wanna keep an eye on them. These are like a golden brown, I like mine to be a, you know, a darker of the bottom, but if you don't like to have any sort of dark color on your scones, just take 'em out at about 10 minutes. Wonderful, delicious, thank you Sarah! You're so welcome.


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